Convalescent Home Visitor Access Management System

Visitor and staff sign-in management with our Rest Home Digital Visitor Management System


Manage checks and protect everyone on your site with our convalescent home visitor management software

To ensure that everyone has the same quality of care, and to minimise safeguarding concerns or incidents for your convalescent home patients and staff. This is the first line of defence and can be the difference in knowing who is and isn’t on-site in a variety of emergencies. Our convalescent home visitor management software can help you ensure this at all times.

By having InVentry’s sign-in and visitor management system for convalescent care homes, you can also prevent unauthorised personnel from gaining access to your building. InVentry is the market leader for safeguarding systems and we provide a flexible solution that will fulfil any rest home security requirements.

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Visitor management system for convalescent homes

Our visitor access management system for convalescent homes ensures that all information required for security, health and safety, as well as compliance purposes, can be accessed at the touch of a button.

GDPR – Improve GDPR compliance by ensuring any patient sign-in or contractor information is stored securely within InVentry’s healthcare visitor management system.

Manage Staff – Allow staff to sign in with a personalised ID badge. Use alongside our Quickscan Touch units to capture reasons for signing out.

Manage Contractors – Manage contractor’s information and checks coming into your rest home securely and safely, all through one easy-to-use convalescent rest home visitor management system.

Manage Visitors – Give visitors an easily identifiable ID badge when signing in to the InVentry convalescent home visitor management system, allowing you to know who is on-site at any given time.

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Audit & Compliance for Convalescent Rest Homes

Not only does our Audit & Compliance software allow for the tracking of assets, but it also helps with many other processes too. Storing important documents in one easy-to-use App allows you to keep on top of warranties and checks that you need to stay secure!

Need to report a problem with a bed or chair? Audit & Compliance allows you to scan the asset into our convalescent home software and inform the correct person internally to get it sorted.

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Become CQC Compliant

InVentry’s convalescent home digital visitor management system allows you to receive feedback from visitors and contractors to your care home. Ask your visitors for star-rated feedback as soon as they leave your site. Store this feedback within InVentry and note actions to improve your processes and procedures.

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Create a Memorable Convalescent Home Experience

Make it a memorable experience for staff, visitors and contractors with our electronic sign-in system for convalescent rest homes.


Ask contractors to complete a questionnaire before they are due to arrive. E.g contractor inductions, work permit requirements etc.

Manage Staff

Allow staff to sign in with a personalised ID badge. Use alongside our QuickScan Touch to capture reasons for signing out.

Manage Visitors

Enable contactless sign in for pre-booked visitors by utilising our new invitations, which include a QR code for easy sign-in.

Health Declarations

Send staff and pre-booked visitors Health Declarations to confirm they are feeling well enough to be onsite.


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