During the COVID-19 we worked hard to ensure our customers had all the tools they needed to be safe in their workplace. Take a look at how our features have helped our customers below.

Health Declarations

  • Marie Beale –Deputy Headteacher / Inclusion Manager at Whitefield Primary School

    “We have found the InVentry Health Declaration really helpful, as it highlights what staff need to think about before attending site. It also ensures that they speak to us before arriving if there is an issue, rather than once they are in the building. Staff can complete the declaration by email at home and be in touch if need be. In the future, we also plan to use the declaration for planned visitors and it is already being used for non-school staff visiting school.”

  • Yvonne Whelan – Finance and Admin Manager at St John the Baptist Primary School

    “The Health Declaration feature helps to give both staff and visitors peace of mind. It reminds everyone of the importance of declaring if they have been experiencing any symptoms of COVID, and also the importance of keeping everyone safe. The additional feature of being able to send the Health Declaration to staff by e-mail is helpful as they can declare before they arrive on-site.”

  • Clare Bourne – Furze Down School

    “We think the Health Declarations feature is excellent. I love how easy it is for us to update the message that goes out to staff and visitors.”

  • Jessica Pemberton – Lighthouse School

    “The Health Declaration has helped us stay COVID secure, capturing the information we need before a visitor arrives. It is very helpful and simple to use.”