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A Simple, Cost-Effective Way to Manage Your Oil and Gas Business Assets

InVentry’s Oil & Gas Asset Management Software is our platform designed to help companies in the oil and gas industry effectively manage their assets. These assets typically include various components such as wells, pipelines, refineries, storage facilities, equipment, and machinery used in exploration, production, transportation, and refining processes.

By centralising your asset management in an easy-to-use system, oil and gas companies can optimise the use of their assets, reduce downtime, improve safety, and maximise productivity – as well as ensure regulatory compliance by maintaining accurate records and documentation.


Types of Trackable Assets in our Oil and Gas Asset Management Software

Utility assets are essential for the smooth functioning of oil and gas businesses, and effective management of these resources ensures optimal performance and customer satisfaction. In InVentry’s best oil and gas asset management software, trackable assets can include:

  • Wells: Tracking the status, production data, and maintenance schedules of oil and gas wells, including drilling, completion, and workover activities.
  • Pipelines: Monitoring the integrity, flow rates, and maintenance requirements of pipelines used for transportation of crude oil, natural gas, and refined products.
  • Refineries: Managing the equipment, processes, and maintenance activities within refineries to ensure optimal performance and compliance with safety and environmental regulations.
  • Storage Facilities: Tracking inventory levels, tank conditions, and maintenance schedules in storage facilities such as tanks, terminals, and depots.
  • Equipment and Machinery: Managing the maintenance, usage, and performance of equipment and machinery used in drilling, extraction, transportation, and refining processes.
  • Vehicles and Transportation Assets: Monitoring the usage, fuel consumption, and maintenance requirements of trucks, tankers, and other vehicles used for the transportation of oil and gas products.
  • Safety and Environmental Assets: Tracking compliance with safety regulations and environmental standards by managing assets such as safety equipment, monitoring systems, and pollution control devices.
  • Land and Leasehold Assets: Managing land and leasehold agreements, including tracking lease terms, payments, and compliance requirements for exploration and production activities.
  • Communication Infrastructure: Managing communication systems and infrastructure to facilitate real-time data transmission, monitoring, and control of remote assets and operations, including satellite, radio, and telemetry systems.
  • Workforce and Personnel: Tracking personnel assignments, certifications, and training records to ensure compliance with safety regulations and operational requirements, as well as managing labour resources for maintenance and operational activities.
  • Supply Chain Assets: Managing the procurement, inventory, and logistics of materials and supplies required for oil and gas operations, including tracking suppliers, purchase orders, deliveries, and inventory levels to ensure the timely availability of critical resources.
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Benefits of Using Our Oil and Gas Asset Management Software

Introducing Oil and Gas Asset Management Software helps companies in the industry operate more efficiently, safely, and profitably, while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and mitigating operational risks. Using our Oil and Gas Asset Management Software offers numerous benefits for companies operating in the industry:

Enhanced Efficiency: By centralising asset management processes, our software streamlines operations, reduces manual tasks, and increases overall efficiency in managing oil and gas assets.

Optimised Maintenance: Our oil and gas asset management software helps schedule and track maintenance tasks, ensuring that critical assets are properly maintained to prolong their lifespan and minimise costly downtime.

Improved Safety: By monitoring equipment condition and performance, the asset management software contributes to improved safety by identifying potential hazards and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Enhanced Production: With better management of assets and equipment, our software helps maximise production rates by minimising unplanned downtime and optimising asset performance.

Cost Savings: Through proactive maintenance scheduling and inventory optimisation, nVentry’s asset management software helps reduce repair costs, minimise asset downtime, and avoid costly regulatory fines.

Regulatory Compliance: Our software assists in maintaining accurate records and documentation, ensuring compliance with stringent industry regulations and environmental standards.

Risk Mitigation: By providing real-time data and insights, our software enables proactive risk management, allowing companies to identify and address potential issues before they escalate into major problems.

Improved Decision-Making: With comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, using the best oil and gas asset management software empowers decision-makers with valuable insights into asset performance, enabling informed decisions regarding asset allocation, investment, and resource management.

Scalability: As you grow and expand operations, our software can easily scale to accommodate additional assets, locations, and users, providing flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.


Oil and Gas Asset Management Software Features

Our asset software is essential for ensuring the efficient management of resources and delivering high-quality services to customers. Here are several key features of the best oil and gas asset management software from InVentry.

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How Our Asset Tracking Program Works

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Scan the QR code using the asset management software app to quickly add assets and locations.

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Our simple asset tracking system allows you to change assets on the go, report faults, or remove redundant assets at will.

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Use InVentry’s asset management software to produce asset management audit reports, make bulk changes and see the value of your assets.

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