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A simple, cost-effective way to manage your dealership’s assets

Whether you are a sole dealership or part of a chain of automobile dealers, your assets will need to be managed carefully to ensure they remain effective, secure and located at all times.

Our car dealership asset management software is a specialised software solution designed specifically for managing the asset at car dealerships as well as providing data on the fixtures and fittings in the property to ensure maintenance, safety and compliance are in order at all times. The car dealership asset management software provides tools and features tailored to the unique needs of automotive retail, helping dealerships effectively track, manage, and sell their resource of new and used vehicles.


Types of Trackable Assets in our Automobile Dealership resource Software

InVentry’s car dealership resource management software, businesses can maintain visibility and control over all their valuable resources, improving operational efficiency and cost management. Types of assets that can be tracked in our car dealership asset management include:

  • Demo Vehicles: Vehicles designated for test drives and demonstration purposes are trackable assets within the software. Monitoring their usage, condition, and availability helps manage the demo fleet effectively.
  • Service Loaner Vehicles: Dealerships often provide loaner vehicles to customers while their vehicles are undergoing service or repairs. Tracking these loaner vehicles ensures proper allocation, maintenance, and timely return.
  • Dealer-Owned Vehicles: Vehicles owned by the dealership for business use, such as company cars for staff or management, are trackable assets. Monitoring their usage, maintenance, and expenses helps optimise their management.
  • Leased Vehicles: If the dealership leases vehicles for internal use or as part of leasing services offered to customers, these leased vehicles are trackable assets. Managing lease agreements, payments, and vehicle conditions is essential.
  • Service Equipment: Equipment used for servicing vehicles, such as diagnostic tools, lifts, and tyre-changing machines, are trackable assets. Ensuring their maintenance schedules and proper usage helps maintain service quality.
  • Customer Vehicles Under Repair: Vehicles brought in by customers for servicing or repairs are trackable assets until they are returned to the owners. Monitoring the repair process, parts usage, and service history is crucial for customer satisfaction.
  • Vehicle Parts and Accessories: Equipment such as spare parts, accessories, and add-ons for vehicles are trackable assets. Managing their stock levels, location, and usage ensures efficient parts management and customer service.
  • Tools and Equipment: Tools and equipment used by technicians and mechanics for vehicle servicing and repairs are trackable assets. Tracking their usage, maintenance, and condition helps ensure service quality and technician productivity.
  • Dealer Plates and Documentation: Dealer plates, registration documents, and other paperwork associated with vehicle sales and transfers are trackable assets. Managing their issuance, expiry dates, and compliance is essential for legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Marketing Materials and Signage: Marketing materials such as banners, signage, brochures, and promotional displays used within the dealership are trackable assets. Monitoring their distribution and condition ensures effective marketing campaigns.
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Benefits of using car dealership asset management software in your dealership

Introducing an asset management system into your dealership can result in notable enhancements in resource allocation, planning, and decision-making. It represents an investment that empowers dealerships to provide superior service to their customers and attain enduring objectives. Here are several notable benefits of utilising InVentry’s asset management software within your dealership.

Improved Sales Process: With a car dealership asset management system, you can streamline the sales process by quickly accessing vehicle information, managing customer inquiries, tracking test drives, and generating sales contracts. This leads to faster and more efficient sales transactions.

Enhanced Customer Service: By having detailed information on each vehicle in your resource, you can provide better customer service. You can quickly answer customer queries, provide accurate vehicle histories, and offer personalised recommendations based on customer preferences.

Turnover Optimisation: By monitoring levels and sales performance, the dealership asset software helps you identify slow-moving vehicles and implement strategies to improve resource turnover. This prevents overstocking and reduces carrying costs.

Streamlined Operations: With features for resource tracking, sales management, CRM integration, and reporting the software streamlines dealership operations. This improves efficiency, reduces administrative tasks, and frees up staff time for more valuable activities.

Compliance and Documentation Management: Dealership asset software helps you stay compliant with regulatory requirements and manage documentation effectively. This includes vehicle registration, licensing, and compliance with industry standards.

Better Decision Making: By providing access to comprehensive data and analytics, the software empowers you to make informed business decisions. You can identify trends, analyse sales performance, and adjust strategies to meet changing market demands.

Scalability and Growth: As your dealership grows or opens new locations, having one centralcar dealership asset management software that can be scaled, can accommodate increased resource levels, sales volume, and operational complexity. This ensures that your dealership remains efficient and competitive as you expand.


Automobile Asset Management Software Features

Our car dealership asset management is essential for ensuring the efficient management of resources and delivering high-quality services to customers. Here are several key features of our asset management software.

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How Our Asset Tracking Program Works

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Scan the QR code using the asset management software app to quickly add assets and locations.

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Our simple asset tracking system allows you to change assets on the go, report faults, or remove redundant assets at will.

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Use InVentry’s asset management software to produce asset management audit reports, make bulk changes and see the value of your assets.

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