Visitor Management System for Community Centres

Improving community-building visitor management with InVentry’s village hall and community theatre management software

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Providing a flexible community centre visitor management system for Visitors,
Contractors & Staff Sign-In

With tighter budgets and the need to get more from less, local councils are sharing services and resources leading to an increased number of contractors working across multiple sites. But it’s not just contractors, staff are also required to travel between sites to provide valuable resources across a wider area.

The InVentry sign-in and visitor management system for community centres, town halls or village halls allows guests, staff and contractors to sign into different community sites using the same ID, giving you a complete sight of location information. You can also manage all your contractor inductions and visitor checks directly through InVentry’s local government system.

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Visitor management system for community centres

Our village hall and community theatre management software ensures that all information required for security, health and safety as well as compliance purposes can be accessed at the touch of a button in InVentry’s software.

  • GDPR compliance – Improve GDPR compliance by ensuring any visitor or contractor information is stored securely within InVentry.
  • Staff – Allow staff to sign in with a personalised ID badge. Use alongside our id scanner ‘Quickscan Touch’ units to capture reasons for signing out.
  • Multi-Site access – Allow staff to sign in at multiple locations using the same staff ID badge. Automatically sign out when at another site.
  • Visitors – Give contractors and visitors an easily identifiable ID badge when signing into our local council software, allowing you to know which visitors are on-site at any given time.
  • Office Day – Do you have a hybrid approach to working? Let staff members book themselves into the office when they’re required to be in the building.

How InVentry Helps Local and community buildings

Our community centre visitor management system provides complete transparency over the location of guests, staff and contractors.


Perform any necessary contractor checks at the point of signing in and share the results across all your sites.


Remove the need for paper-based books and sliding in and out boards that can lead to inaccuracies.


Utilise your existing RFID or barcode ID cards to allow for even faster signing in and out across sites.


Flow contractor information from one central database between separate systems on separate sites.


Create custom local government system screens and questions in minutes to provide staff with news and updates when they sign in.

Meet Some of Our Local Government Customers…


Below are a couple of examples of what our government customers say about InVentry.

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Our community centre visitor management system

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