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How Sign-In & Visitor Management Systems Support UK GDPR

Since UK GDPR came into effect, schools and other businesses now have an increased responsibility to store personal data in a safe and secure manner.

Non-compliance could result in significant fines being imposed from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), and paper-based sign in books present a security risk.

To help you fulfil your UK GDPR obligations and ensure our systems support you to do this, we have produced the following documentation for you to use in your school or business.


The InVentry sign in system includes a range of features comprising encryption of the data and permissions-based users to ensure that the appropriate people, with the correct permissions see the information stored within the system.

The system can also be fully customised to ensure that the appropriate context is displayed and any visitors can agree to any terms and conditions, including health and safety documents and evacuation procedures, as part of the signing in process. Features, such as contactless sign in also make each event unique to an individual.


With the InVentry system, you can control the questions that are asked, ensuring that your business or school only collects data that is lawfully allowed to be processed in regards to data protection.

Also within the system is the ability to manage the retention and deletion of data in line with an organisation’s policies. Alongside this, the system can report on and export data which you may be asked for.

Head to our GDPR policies page to download the relevant documents. If you have any questions or queries, check out the FAQ section on the same page, or get in touch via our contact us page.
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