During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, InVentry released loads of new features to ensure your organisation could stay as safe as possible upon the reopening of schools and businesses. We’re continuously looking to adapt and develop these features to ensure we offer our customers a COVID secure environment. Check out our features below and read our blog HERE!

Office Day

What began as a necessity to decrease the spread of COVID, has now naturally evolved to many organisations offering a hybrid working approach.

As regulations are ever-changing, maintaining a certain capacity level is now more essential than ever. And with the introduction of remote working, knowing who’s working on or off site is crucial to the safety of your site.

With InVentry’s Office Day, a simple and easy to use feature available via our Anywhere App; employees can pre-book themselves into the office for any specific day within a 14 day period.

You’ll no longer have to keep track of those onsite via an Xcel spreadsheet or wonder around the office aimlessly looking for someone who’s working remotely!

You can link this to your own capacity limits and automatically stop bookings on specific days as soon as the capacity limit is reached. You can also cancel any office bookings when last minute issues, such as childcare and cancelled meetings arise.

Office Day Feature

Keep Capacity Levels Safe

Plan Meetings in Advance

Report who’s in the Office

Book up to 14 Days in Advance

Health Declartion

Health Notifications

For those days when employees are working on site our Health Declaration feature is extremely useful in helping businesses and schools offer a safe working environment.

This feature disallows employees, and any pre-booked visitors, who are feeling unwell, to enter the building.

Have the ability the send staff daily health declarations to confirm that they’re not displaying any COVID-19 symptoms and if your InVentry system integrates with Paxton, you can even remove door access from those who decline it.

You can also temporarily suspend their account, so they don’t return to work prematurely, but they’ll still have the ability to sign in remotely on the Anywhere App if needed.

Health declarations can be fully customisable to display whatever message you wish and if a message is declined, it will automatically send a response, along with a list of known visitors for the previous 14 days, to chosen staff members so you can start the test and trace process.

Daily Health Notifications

Deny Access to those who Decline

Fully Customisable

Activated Test & Trace Report

Host Ready Notifications

Developed at the height of the pandemic, in preparation for the reopening of schools and businesses, Host Ready Notifications allows an organisation to manage the number of visitors in their reception area. The visitor is pre-booked by the host and sent a customised email on the day they’re due to arrive. Once you deem it safe to do so, you can inform your visitor that it’s safe to enter the building.

Host Ready 01
Capacity 1

Capacity Management

Have the ability to control the footfall in your building to ensure that capacity levels don’t get breached; ensuring over-crowding doesn’t occur. Organisations will have the ability to set their own capacity levels based on their own judgement. Receive email notifications detailing when capacity levels have been met, breached and then back to acceptable levels, enabling you to work in a COVID secure environment.

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