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InVentry is 10!

InVentry's 10th Birthday October 2020 marks ten years of InVentry. The company has come such a long way in a decade, and we wanted to share our journey with everyone. From a product idea by Phil Brooke to having over 100 employees, the past ten years have been a whirlwind! [...]

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InVentry Insights: Lauren Thackray

Meet our Sales Administrator; Lauren Thackray It's time for InVentry Insights. This time we're talking to our Sales Administrator Lauren Thackray. She's an integral part of our internal sales team. She's usually following up with renewals or answering the phones to help customers get through to the right department! Although she's always super [...]

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InVentry Insights: Charlotte Fastenbauer

Meet our Support Coordinator; Charlotte Fastenbauer It's time for InVentry Insights. This time we're talking to the lovely Charlotte Fastenbauer. She's part of our technical support team and helps with all the support questions you may have! Support are the busiest during September and October, with many schools going back and getting used [...]

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InVentry Resellers

InVentry Resellers Becoming an InVentry Reseller is like joining an exclusive club. With our reseller programme you become part of something bigger than just selling our products and services; you’ll get exclusive information delivered straight to your inbox, early notifications of product launches and regular updates on all things InVentry! [...]

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InVentry Insights: Kendra Larter

Meet our New Business Advisor; Kendra Larter We've introduced InVentry Insights where we chat to a member of the InVentry family each month to find out a little more about them. This month we're chatting to our New Business Advisor, Kendra. She started off working in the Internal Sales Team and has recently [...]

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InVentry’s Anywhere App

Utilise the features of InVentry’s Anywhere App InVentry is the leading visitor management system for both education and modern businesses. Our InVentry Anywhere App integrates with your InVentry sign in system and has the ability to show who is on site at any one time, along with many other features. Find out more [...]

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Preparing for School Reopening this Month

Preparing for Schools Reopening this Month On the 10th May, the UK government issued its roadmap for recovery due to the COVID-19 health crisis, which included the opening of schools across the country. Plans included a phased return of students commencing 1st June. Headteachers and school leaders were issued a school opening guide outlining [...]

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InVentry’s Single Central Record

InVentry’s Single Central Record Do you struggle with numerous spreadsheets and documents trying to keep all staff and contractor information secure and in order? We might just have the solution for you! InVentry’s Single Central Record is the perfect way to keep track of relevant staff and contractor information. The need for spreadsheets and [...]

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