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InVentry are the market leaders for staff and visitor management solutions. Installed in over 8,000 organisations across the UK and globally, we ensure the highest security for any Training and Event Centre.

With large crowds often coming into any Training and Event centre, streamlining your visitor management process should be the highest priority. InVentry’s sign in solutions can help ensure that any event you hold will run smoothly.

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Manage large crowds with our events module. Let visitors sign in by organising your system to include events on the sign in screen.

Manage Staff

Allow staff to sign in with a personalised ID badge. Use alongside our QuickScan Touch to capture reasons for signing out.

Manage Visitors

Enable contactless sign in for pre-booked visitors by utilising our new invitations for pre-booked visitors, which include a QR code for easy sign in.


Utilise our ClubReg feature to remotely register event attendees once they are in the meeting room waiting for the event to start rather than in reception.

Allow staff to book themselves into the office up to 14 days in advance when offering a hybrid approach to working from the office.


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Health Features

During the COVID-19 pandemic, InVentry introduced new Health Features to help the safe return to work. Find out more below.

Send staff and pre-booked visitors Health Declarations to confirm they are feeling well enough to be onsite.

Let visitors notify their host when they arrive and give the host the ability to allow them onsite when safe.

Receive notifications when capacity levels have been met, breached and back to acceptable levels.

Ability to Test and Trace

Have the ability to Test and Trace by knowing who is on site at any given time with InVentry.

How InVentry Helps Training and Events Centres

When visitors come to site, their experience should  be smooth and quick.

The ability to pre-book attendees and send them invitations makes your process quicker and easier
Have an instant record of who is on site at any time
Create customisable skins so your InVentry system goes hand in hand with the look and feel of your centre
When a visitor or attendee arrives on site, get an instant notification to your smart phone
Create custom messages and personalised invitations to send out to event attendees

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