We are proud to have provided sign in and visitor management solutions to thousands of satisfied customers. Take a look at the kind words from just a few of our happy clients.

  • Paul Cooper, Quality and CI Manager, Bericap UK

    “Before InVentry, we used to use radios to let the team know when their visitors had arrived but with the noise of machinery, if the person wasn’t at the desk, it was an impossible task to notify them of their arrival. However, with host ready notifications, we no longer have our contractors sitting there on chargeable hours waiting to be collected by the right person.”

  • Charlotte Hornsby, Head of Finance, Humbercare

    “Looking for a solution that ensured we were compliant with fire drills proved difficult but with InVentry’s Anywhere App we’re assured that we have an effective method of meeting health and safety requirements. The efficiency of InVentry’s ID badges also allows us to differentiate between our staff members, visitors, and contractors. This enables all 5 sites to uphold the highest security standards. ”

  • Alex Birks-Agnew, Senior Assistant Head, Trinity School Sevenoaks 

    “Our sixth form department has recently grown in size, meaning there’s a lot of students who we need to account study time for. We wanted to be able to properly track attendance at study lessons for sixth form students as they have some flexibility about where they can study in the building, and we were struggling with the ever-growing workload of manually registering every pupil. With Lessonscan students can not only easily scan themselves into their study period, but it’s freed up heaps of admin time for the staff too!”

  • Gemma Ward, Head of Marketing, The Trafford Centre

    “The Space Bookings screens have helped streamline our office meeting room booking process. It has enabled staff to quickly identify when a room is available for use, and as a result we have seen a reduction in the team over-booking rooms by using the adhoc quick booking button available on the screens.”

  • Jarrar Khan, Network Manager – Skinners Academy

    “Our previous sign in system offered a basic level of communication with our staff members, there was a lot of manual work involved for our HR Manager and reports were lacking. After speaking with one of InVentry’s Resellers, we had a demo of the InVentry system, we liked the software and it’s proven to be lightyears ahead of our previous system.”

  • Damian Osman, Estate and Facilities Manager – Loreto College

    “I was really impressed by the quality and professionalism of the InVentry engineers and the project management of the same. Beyond that, the overwhelmingly positive reaction of staff who are using the system endorses our decision to install it.”

    “It is so simple to use but so advanced at the same time. The time it has saved our main office and receptionist is significant. Our premises have become safer and more secure as a result of the InVentry and Paxton integration, I can’t recommend the system enough!

  • Angela Stewart, Workplace and Facilities Manager – The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL)

    “Our visitor experience has been improved massively. InVentry gives us the ability to analyse who’s on site, while remaining quick and easy to use. We love utilising the system for large meetings and the option to have a photo on the printed ID badges ensures we always look professional.”

    “The Anywhere App is great for checking on staff members during an emergency evac. The convenience of having the app on your phone allows you to know when there is a fire drill while also allowing us to have a method of meeting Health and Safety requirements.”

  • Shaun Gorringe, Operations Manager – The Grand Theatre Blackpool

    “Visitors admire having their details ready to welcome them when they arrive, it’s extremely organised, accessible and above all, professional.”

    “InVentry has revolutionized the way we run our Stage Door operations and helped us to be more professional to our guests, staff and visitors. I would highly recommend this system to anyone who may be considering it!”

  • David Purcell, Buildings and Facilities Manager – Engine House Bexley 

    “Having a system in place that communicates with our Paxton system as well as enabling staff and visitors to sign in by simply tapping is priceless!”

    “By moving away from a paper-based system, the reception area is now a lot tidier as we have removed the need to keep registration books and excessive paperwork; improving our data protection policies whilst enhancing our professional approach to guests and visitors.”

  • Angela Walker, Admin Team – Holland Park Primary School 

    “With new GDPR guidelines introduced, we realised that we needed a more secure signing in system. InVentry was just that system! It allows visitors and staff to sign in and out quickly and easily.

    We also use the system to record those children arriving late and leaving early so no paper based systems for us! We sign class groups out on trips so we know exactly who is in and who is out – ideal for fire drills. InVentry – Easy to use, easy to set up and easy to manage.”

  •  Chris Skurray, Facilities Manager – BASF

    “I cannot recommend InVentry highly enough, their ability to tailor a solution around your requirements makes the task of introducing, or upgrading,
    your digital sign in system as smooth as you could possibly hope for! Get in touch and see for yourself!”

  • Angela Muswell, Service Delivery Manager – Royal Holloway University of London

    “For first time visitors, they sit and watch a health and safety video and we use the checks management tool on InVentry to tell us when it’s been a year since they last watched the video. We’ve also made it so that they can’t go into student residents before printing their badge off from InVentry for added security.

    We also really like that it’s all managed off site and it isn’t on our server. The involvement of our IT department has been very minimal. It has been incredibly reliable and we very rarely have to contact the InVentry service desk, and when we do the service is impeccable.” 

  • Katherine Ashworth, Business Manager – Cams Lane Primary School

    “InVentry has streamlined our signing in process greatly. I have not yet had a member of staff forget to sign in, so it enhances the health and safety in the school as we can see at a glance who is in and out of school.”

  • Sheila Stamp, Director of IT & Communications – Discovery Bay International School

    “InVentry has improved our visitor experience enormously. Our previous method had been a real pain-point for parents, especially pre-COVID when dropping off lunch boxes and attending events during school hours. The InVentry solution has now enabled us to know exactly which of our sixth form and secondary staff are on campus at any given time. It has also augmented our on-site security which was previously cumbersome and paper-based.”

  • David Germain, Executive Manager – Anderton Centre (Lancashire Outdoor Activities Initiative)

    “InVentry not only looks professional, it helps with client first impressions as we now have a sleek system on show as soon as someone enters the building. My experience with InVentry from the initial consultation, right through to installation, has been second to none! I really can’t recommend them enough!”

  • June Riley, Bursar – Newstead Wood School

    “We wanted to improve our visitor management system and combine that with staff ID badges for signing in and out. The ability to link with SIMS has meant that the InVentry system has exceeded our expectations and we receive many complimentary comments from visitors.”

  • Rob Hitchings – Deputy Principal, Al Rabeeh Academy

    “From our initial contact, through purchasing, installation and after-sales service, InVentry have provided a seamless and customer orientated experience. The system is easy to use and feedback from both staff and visitors has been very positive.”

  • Chris Pyle, Business Manager – St Monica Infant School

    “InVentry has revolutionised our safeguarding in school. The system is easy to use and staff, children and visitors can sign in at the touch of a button. Many visitors comment on how easy it is to use. We don’t know how we managed before.”

  • Mrs Boniface, Receptionist – Bishop David Brown School

    “I am so happy with the InVentry visitor management system. To have such a clean, paper free, reception looks so professional. Many visitors from other schools have commented on how flash and modern we are. Who doesn’t love to hear that? Our students love using it too!”

  • Shaun Frost, Assistant Logistics Manager – Woods Foodservice

    “ The initial set up was very straightforward and installation only took a few weeks from the date we placed our order. The system is easy to use and gives us complete control. We can’t thank InVentry enough for helping us streamline our sign in processes as well as helping us to achieve our grade AA BRC accreditation.”

  • Denise Tarpey – Congleton High School

    “After looking at several systems, InVentry stood out the most as being able to meet our very short deadline for installation. The installation was a very smooth process and the subsequent training was comprehensive, allowing staff to use the system immediately. We love the ability to pre-book visitors and email them an invitation – this has improved visitor flow at our main reception with most visitors commenting on how professional the service is. The badges are produced to a high quality with a clear photo, meeting our safeguarding policy. On the rare occasion we have had to log a call, the InVentry technical team has been very quick to respond. I have no hesitation in recommending InVentry; the service has been excellent and has added to the professional image of our school.”

  • Klare Ng – Immanuel & St Andrew CE Primary School

    “InVentry has improved the school visitor management system, and also provides accurate details of adults in school for fire emergency. It’s easy to use and manage. Their support team is helpful and resolve problems very quickly, making our lives easy at the office.”

  • Kelly McDevitt, Logistic Administrator – Matrix Polymers

     “Everyone feels a little bit safer knowing that they’re signed in. Even though we’ve never had a fire, touch wood, it’s just piece of mind that everyone onsite is safe. It’s like a comfort blanket, knowing that it’s there when we need it. I couldn’t recommend InVentry enough. It looks nice, it gives a good, professional impression to visitors coming in…it really is a no brainer.”

  • Beverley Bale – St Peter’s Primary School

    “We have found the InVentry Management System to be a valuable resource in our school. We use it as a staff sign in/out system and a visitor management system, both of which are an efficient safeguarding tool. We also use it when children leave school in school time for appointments and to record late children (this has now encouraged our parents to get their children to school on time as they have to come in and give a reason for the lateness!)

    The whole process from getting a quote, through the installation and training session were all extremely easy and we would recommend this system to other schools.”

  • Hugo McGlue – Head of IT, The British International School Abu Dhabi

    “The InVentry system has made a huge improvement to our site security and safeguarding. Along with being able to easily identify who is onsite at any one time, we’re also able to track the comings and goings of students. InVentry creates the right first impression and adds to the professional image of our school.”

  • Kurt Innes, IT Manager – Portsmouth FC

    “It’s really streamlined our process and helped us move away from our previous old-fashioned system. I couldn’t recommend InVentry enough – from the initial exploratory discussions right through to installation and support – the team have been fantastic, friendly the whole way through. The system itself is so easy to use, both front and back-end, and has really helped transform our sign in process. I really can’t recommend InVentry enough!”

  • Kim Nickson – Pike Fold Primary School

    “We are very pleased with the InVentry signing in system. It has decreased the amount of traffic throughout our Administration Suite in the mornings as children and visitors are able to quickly sign in to the system and free up the area for other users. The InVentry Visitor Management tool has enabled us to be much more efficient by allowing us to send invitations to visitors with a pre-populated bar code which they can sign in with upon their arrival. All of our service users are very impressed with the new software.”

  • Sue Luton-Brown – Hollywood Primary School

    “We have been using the InVentry system in Hollywood School since April of this year and are very impressed with the complete system. No longer have we got visitor books, passes, lanyards etc., cluttering up the reception area but have a very professional looking piece of equipment. Everyone, including parents who log their children in and out when being taken off the premises during school time, find it easy to use.

    The reporting side is an extremely useful tool as we can see who has attended, and when, should we need to check without having to leaf through pages in a visitor book–added to that we can actually read the names! When taking phone calls at the end of the day, we can see which staff are still on the premises without having to run around the school looking for them. From a personal point of view, since I have to ‘bank’ hours, I can print a time card report off without the need to use a log book and calculating the hours. Since I also have to complete the attendance staffing sheets each Friday, I can see at a glance who has been absent.

    I can fully recommend the system to any establishment. It’s simple to use, has so many useful features and works out cheaper in the long run as we no longer have lanyards going missing, nor a need to purchase visitor books and pre-printed passes.”

  • Andy Jones – Dosthill Primary School

    “So far, InVentry has been an incredible success in our school. The InVentry team ensured that the installation went smoothly and were always very helpful and approachable. The functions offered by the system have ensured that our thorough approach towards the health and safety and safeguarding of our children, staff, parents and visitors continues within our school.”

  • Debbie Reed – St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

    “We had the system installed last summer and all the admin staff love it. We know who’s in the school at any given time. You can check when people arrive and leave at the touch of a button. As we have two reception areas, it enables us to be much more security conscious with visitors. Everyone who uses it is very impressed!”

  • John Cartney – TRW Systems

    “We wanted to go virtual with our reception and obviously InVentry played a big part in that for visitors signing in. It’s modern, it’s better technology, you get away from the old-school reception style. If you want to go the virtual route then InVentry is the perfect solution.”

  • Julie Banham – Bolton Brow Primary School

    “The installation of the signing in system has proved to be a winner. No longer do we have to track down missing visitor badges or carry signing in books out with us in case of an emergency. All regular visitors can be added to the system with their CRB details. It provides foolproof, up to date reports on the people visiting and attending the premises.”

  • Susan Mallinson – Dalton Junior, Infant and Nursery 

    “Previously, we would leave signing in books by both front and rear entrances at the school, and have to rely on staff members remembering to sign in. Visitors to the school are impressed by the quality and professionalism of the ID badges and staff will know instantly whether the visitor has been CRB checked. It has been a fantastic investment for the school. My mind is put at rest knowing that if there did happen to be a fire, we would know exactly who was on site at the time.”

  •  Sandra Duff, Estates Secretary – Gartnavel Hospital

    “Ensuring the correct contractors had the right keys was a real challenge for us before InVentry and it’s trigged such a transformation in terms of managing contractors. I can’t put into words how simple the system is to use and how dramatically it’s effected my workload. I now simply direct the contractor to the sign in screen and ask them to follow the instructions, I can then take myself away to concentrate on other tasks I need to complete.”

  • Nicola Balkham – Northfield Road Primary School

    “Northfield Road Primary School had the InVentry System installed in September 2012. Staff, parents and visitors have been impressed with the system. It is able to give us an accurate reading for pupil & staff attendance/lateness/appointments. Visitors have a printed photo ID badge to wear at all times. All of our supply staff details, including CRB details, can be entered and printouts can be obtained for double checking timesheets–this saves us lots of time! The evacuation report when printed gives lists of all pupils arriving late and all staff and visitors on the premises. We have suggested adjustments & improvements and have been met with a positive and efficient response. We are impressed with this system so far!”

  • Claire Constantopoulos – Head Teacher at William Barcroft Junior School

    “We don’t know what we’d do without InVentry. Security of CRB checks in place, children are secure, and from my iPad I can check exactly who is in school at any time. The staff love swiping in so quickly! And we have an accurate record of all visitors throughout school. All visitors comment positively on InVentry and are really surprised at the reasonable cost!”

  • Jenny Clapham – Business Manager at Percy Shurmer Academy

    “The Inventry system is a simple to use system with a powerful administration system to allow the school to keep track of visitors and staff, and enter all staff and visitor CRB details. Everyone who visits the school comments on the efficiency of the system. The system allows us to quickly see which staff and visitors are in the school building at any time and produces a photo ID badge at the touch of a few buttons.”

  • Kevin Higgins – Head Teacher at St John Fisher High School

    “The InVentry system has been an important step forward in our work to safeguard our students. Every visitor having photo ID within seconds of arrival is an important and excellent improvement in regard to what our previous system offered. To have an email sent immediately and automatically to the person being visited has also greatly improved our procedures for the benefit of all. Signing out on departure literally takes just seconds and we are left with a detailed record of who has been on the premises, when and details down to the registration plate of their vehicle. I am delighted to have the system operating here at St John Fisher.” 

  • Alan Davies – Head Teacheratf Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Language School

    “What made the system really stand out was how easy it was to install and use. This coupled with the low cost were what made us go with it. It meets our needs better than any other system and makes life a whole lot easier, with features such as the automatic notification of a visitor’s arrival for our staff. This emails them a photograph of the person, so they know who they are looking for when they arrive in a busy reception. We have been really delighted with InVentry. Without a doubt, it has made a significant contribution to our safeguarding procedures and I would have no hesitation recommending to any other school.”

  • Pete Monfort – Assistant Head at Westborough High School

    “The InVentry visitor system has been an excellent purchase for our school reception. The first thing visitors see is the digitised log in system allowing them to sign themselves in even if the receptionist is busy on another call. It shows the school has a modern outlook, produces ID badges improving safety and in the event of an evacuation it produces an instant list of people who are still on site or those who have left including staff.

    But for me, being in charge of ICT, I love the technical support. Got a problem? Give them a bell and you get a real person to speak to, not a fault logging system like some companies provide.”

  • Beverley Blackham – Bursar at St John Fisher Catholic High School

    “The InVentry visitor entry system has paid dividends in terms of safeguarding, Ofsted inspectors loved it. It provides instant photo ID badges for all visitors and notifies the person they are visiting of their arrival by email with a copy of the photo. It also provides an instant register for fire evacuation and a very quick and easy staff signing out system.”