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Just Released: Improved Invitations

Just Released: Improved Invitations Whether it's updating our systems or adding new features, we're always looking for ways to improve our products. This includes our latest enhancements to pre-booked visitor invitations. Find out more below. What do our new invitations include? We’ve improved the look of the invitations, which have [...]

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Just Released: Health Declaration

Just Released: Health Declaration With the government’s announcement outlining a roadmap to return to work and the re-opening of schools, we all want to be reassured that health and safety is a top priority. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our development team have been working day and night to create new features that [...]

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Preparing for School Reopening this Month

Preparing for Schools Reopening this Month On the 10th May, the UK government issued its roadmap for recovery due to the COVID-19 health crisis, which included the opening of schools across the country. Plans included a phased return of students commencing 1st June. Headteachers and school leaders were issued a school opening guide outlining [...]

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InVentry’s Single Central Record

InVentry’s Single Central Record Do you struggle with numerous spreadsheets and documents trying to keep all staff and contractor information secure and in order? We might just have the solution for you! InVentry’s Single Central Record is the perfect way to keep track of relevant staff and contractor information. The need for spreadsheets and [...]

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Brand new features from InVentry

Brand new features from InVentry We’re always coming up with new ways to improve our products and make your customer experience better. We’ve been working hard here at InVentry on many new features to bring to you and we’re excited to talk you through them all.  In May alone we’ve launched three major features [...]

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Just Released: Slack and Teams Integration

Just Released: Slack and Teams Integration We’ve been introducing new features a lot this past month and this one is the last one for us to announce in May! It comes off the back of an already popular feature of InVentry; Visitor Arrival Notifications. InVentry now integrates with Microsoft Teams and Slack, and so [...]

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Just Released: Remote Worker Sign In

Just Released: Remote Worker Sign In Many of us have had to adjust to remote working over the past few weeks, including the team here at InVentry. We have been working on our remote worker sign-in feature for quite some time and with the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we have decided to bring the [...]

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Going back to work with InVentry

Keeping your InVentry screen clean and safe when returning to the office With the thought of going back to work lingering in many of our heads, we naturally want peace of mind knowing that provisions will be in place to maintain our safety. Here at InVentry, we’ve come up with some ideas on how [...]

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Just released: Access Invitations

Just released: Access Invitations When visitors visit your site it can be confusing which door they have to use or how they enter the building. With our new Access Invitations, combined with our existing Paxton integration, you can pre-book a visitor through the InVentry system and provide them with a link to open a [...]

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Advanced Trip Management by InVentry

Advanced Trip Management by InVentry Does your school or college struggle with out-dated paper-based systems when going on school trips? Feel like you have lots of forms filled out by parents when going on a simple field trip? We have the solution. Advanced Trip Management is in addition to the InVentry’s standard trip management feature [...]

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