InVentry 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions

  1. Requesting a return
    • You may request to return your Visitor Management system to us within 30 days from the day of completion of your installation using our 30-day money back guarantee (the Guarantee).
    • This guarantee only applies to systems purchased under the following conditions;
      • The customer purchasing the system did so after the guarantee launch date (20th July 2023).
      • The customer purchasing the system has a UK base of operations
      • The site for the installation is located within the UK
      • The system was purchased directly from InVentry Ltd or via an approved InVentry reseller who supports the guarantee. It is the customers responsibility to check this with the reseller.
    • This guarantee applies to new customers of InVentry Sign In Systems only.
  1. System eligibility
    • For a system to be eligible for the guarantee the following must have been completed prior to its removal;
      • The guarantee only applies to new customers paying in full or using split payments. Systems purchased using leased finance are not eligible.
      • An official purchase order must have been received by InVentry Ltd for the product.
      • Only fully fitted desk mounted or wall mounted installations are eligible under the guarantee. Installation must have been completed (including the requirements for the customer as stated in the welcome pack) by an InVentry engineer and the sign off sheet completed by the customer.
      • At least one member of the organisation must have attended initial on-site training and the supplementary webinar provided by InVentry Ltd.
      • All feedback surveys forming part of our customer feedback process post- installation, up to the point where the request for removal is fulfilled, must be completed by the customer.
  1. Submitting your request
    • If you wish to return your InVentry Visitor Management system in accordance with the Guarantee, you must notify InVentry in writing of your request via email to
    • The request for return must be made within 30 days of the completed installation date for it to be subject to the guarantee.
    • To meet the Guarantee deadline you should notify us that you are exercising the right to cancel by 4pm on the day the Guarantee period expires (or if this day is a weekend, bank holiday, New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day or Boxing Day, by 4pm on the next working day).
  1. System usage
    • You are entitled to use the system to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the system. You must keep the system in the same condition as it was when installed. Fair wear and tear is expected, but we’ll need to charge for any new damage caused whilst the system is in your care until it is collected by our engineer.
    • If, on collection, the system is not in the condition described above we are entitled to charge you up to value of the system if it is not fit for reuse as a result of excessive wear or any damage it has been subject too. We reserve the right to charge you:
      • For the cost of the repair required to make the system ‘good as new’
      • The full price of the system (not including any additional license costs) should repair not be possible.
  1. Removal of the system
    • InVentry Ltd will remove from site, on completion of all pre-removal requirements, all items which it was responsible for the installation of, up to and including all items listed on the invoice issued by InVentry Ltd.
    • InVentry Ltd will make all efforts to minimise any damage created due the removal of the system. However, it cannot be held responsible to repair or make good any work required to complete the initial installation and signed off on its completion.
    • InVentry will provide all necessary packaging for the products return.
    • All data will be deleted by the engineer prior to removal of all equipment from site
    • On completion of the removal the customer must complete the visit sign off sheet
    • Where the visit to remove the system is cancelled, InVentry will apply charges as listed in section 4 of its full terms and conditions (
  1. Return of payments
    • If you paid for the system in full or using a split payment scheme, you will receive the Purchase Price of the system, or the amount paid to InVentry Ltd under the split payment to an account nominated by the customer
    • Where the purchase is made via an InVentry reseller, any credit and refund will be issued by the reseller.
    • Where the purchase is made via InVentry Ltd, any credit and refund will be issued by InVentry Ltd.
    • Repayment will not include any consumables or ‘bespoke’ items created as part of the installations. For example;
      • Permanent identity badges
      • Kiosk Branding
      • Printer labels
    • Return of payment will be undertaken 60 days from removal of equipment.