Effortlessly Prioritise your Safeguarding Responsibilites with InVentry

People turn to charities for all kinds of reasons, whether it’s for some support, advice or simply a helping hand, but the most common reason appears to be for safety and a sense of security. Which is why protecting those who enter your building, together with your safeguarding responsibilities, should be a priority for all charities. Here at InVentry, we appreciate the importance of charity work, and love getting stuck in where we can, to help contribute to our community. Due to this, we understand the need to ensure that charity buildings and offices remain safeguarded and secure at all times. See how we can help safeguard your site below!

Safeguarding for Vulnerable Visitors and Volunteers

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To minimise any safeguarding concerns, a technological system needs to be in place to allow for the tracking of all visitors and volunteers to your site. With InVentry, you can have the ability to live track every visitor, volunteer or contractor coming and going from your site, at any given time; so your end-users always have peace of mind that those who are meant to be onsite are.

For monitoring volunteers, you can pre-approve and send any relevant forms and induction plans before they arrive, so you always remain professional, and data remains securely stored at all times. With our Anywhere app, you can keep track of staff members working offsite and visiting those in more vulnerable situations; enabling them to continue to feel secure. Onsite, you’ll have the ability to provide each person with an ID badge for easy identification, meaning you can make sure everyone is safeguarded at all times.

For the wellbeing of your visitors, and to ensure that the work you carry out continues to be a beneficial contribution to your community, with our charity visitor management system you can have the ability to collect important feedback by asking custom questions upon signing out.

Ensuring you continue to be accessible for all, we even offer language packs, so any personalised questions can be understood in any language; whether you need to collect a person’s age, gender or ethnicity for auditing purposes, it’s all achievable via InVentry.

With general security being of importance at charity buildings, our Quickscan Touch units can be located at various different entry points and door access rights can you assigned to more trusted volunteers and staff members, so sign in can be as quick and efficient as needed!

We’re here to ensure that your charity remains safe and secure and your safeguarding responsibilities are addressed with ease. For more information head to our Charity page below or contact us here.

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