How Custom Badges Can Enhance Your Visitor Experience

When considering your workplace’s welcome, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd and provide a memorable experience for your visitors. One way to achieve this is by introducing custom badges into your workspace.

What are custom badges for visitors?
Custom badges for visitors are personalized identification cards or tags given to individuals who visit a particular location, event, organisation, or business. These badges are designed to provide identification, access control, and a professional appearance for visitors. Custom Badges for visitors usually include elements like:

  • Visitor’s Name
  • Organisation/Company they represent
  • A photograph of the visitor
  • Your logo
  • QR Code for efficient access control or tracking purposes.
  • Expiry/Validity time frame
  • Confirmation of who they are visiting

Staff ID Badge and LanyardWhat are custom badges used for?
Custom badges for visitors serve multiple purposes, whatever your workplace. From offices to schools to food manufacturing sites, visitor badges are ideal for any working environment, Below are some reasons why businesses use our bespoke visitor passes.

Creating a positive first impression
The first impression is everything when it comes to welcoming visitors into your workspace. Custom badges can play a vital role in creating a positive initial experience. By using well-designed badges that stand out, you can instantly communicate your workspace’s professionalism and attention to detail.

Guide Visitors around your building
Create a seamless and enjoyable visitor experience by offering navigation information on your visitor badges. For example, you can use badges to mark important areas such as meeting rooms, toilets, or canteens that visitors will likely need to find during their time with you.

Promote safety and security measures
Custom passes can serve as effective tools for promoting safety measures and enhancing the overall security of your workspace. Remind visitors to follow safety protocols, such as wearing masks, practising social distancing (if required), or using hand sanitisers.

Reaffirm your branding
Personalised badges offer an opportunity to reinforce your branding efforts. By utilising your brand colours, logo, and fonts, you create a cohesive and visually appealing environment that aligns with your overall brand image.

Encouraging Interaction and Networking
A vibrant and interactive workspace encourages connections and collaboration between your team and your guests. Visitor badges that display visitors’ names, companies and job titles can serve as icebreakers and conversation starters, encouraging interaction among visitors. This is great if you are hosting a roundtable or conference in your venue.

How InVentry can help
InVentry’s custom badges are part of our ID Card Systems & Scanners offering. Contact our experts today to see how your workspace can benefit from introducing our custom visitor passes for your workspace visitors.