During the COVID-19 pandemic, capacity levels in offices have naturally had to decrease to maintain social distancing regulations. This means that, everyone that is usually in the office has had their fair share of working from home.

As regulations ever-change, maintaining a certain capacity level is now more essential than ever. With the introduction of remote working being quite new to many businesses, it’s been hard to know how to manage who’s in the office and who’s working from home.

Introducing our new feature, Office Day. This is a simple and easy feature added to our Anywhere App whereby staff can pre-book themselves into the office on a 14-day period. Most businesses are currently using excel spreadsheets to track this information which can lead to mistakes, duplication errors and accidental deletes – this is now a thing of the past with Office Day!

So how does it work?

  • Book your time in the office up to 14 days in advance through the InVentry Anywhere App
  • Give certain staff member access to the Admin View where any changes can be made and bookings can be overwritten if required
  • Customisable capacity limits to allow your workplace to have a hybrid approach to working where staff can work from home or come into the office during the same day – if capacity levels are met, staff will no longer be allowed to book
  • Easy cancellation through the Anywhere App
  • Admin members will receive daily reports to keep on top of those coming into the office
Office Day on Iphone

Keep capacity levels safe and low

Allow for planning meetings and teamwork

Report on who’s in the office at any time

Easily book time up to 14 days in advance

Optimise this feature alongside our health features to provide a COVID secure environment.

Want to see Office Day in action? Register your interest today!