Allow visitors to notify hosts upon arrival

This feature allows you to manage the number of visitors in reception at any one time. The visitor is pre-booked by the host, then on the day the visitor is due to arrive, they will receive an email with instructions regarding what to do when they arrive on-site.


So how does it work?

Step 1: Pre-book a visitor to come on-site for a certain time and date.

Step 2: On the arrival day, the visitor will receive an email with a secure link to click when they arrive on site. The visitor then remains in their car.

Step 3: Once this link has been clicked, the host will receive an email to let them know that their visitor has arrived.

Step 4: The host then notifies the visitor when they are allowed to enter the building.

Host Ready on mobile

Top Features

Visitors only enter the building when host allows them

Manage the number of visitors in your reception

Control footfall to stop over crowding in your building

Visitors stay safe outside the building before being allowed to enter

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