InVentry helps Geotech modernise their sign in process and evacuation procedure

“The paper based system we had in place wasn’t very efficient. Everything was very dated from a user experience point of view. Because we’re a technology based organisation, it wasn’t creating the right first impression when visitors and contractors arrived on site.” Along with providing a more modern solution to sign in, Dean had other priorities: “We were quite close to moving into new premises with an unmanned reception. This meant the system we chose had to be automated as well as provide notifications of arrivals.”

On completion of installation Geotech rolled the system out to everyone, as Dean explains: “We’ve implemented a customised visitor agreement screen that includes our sites health and safety information, have setup all our contractors on the system and allowed staff to use their existing ID cards to sign in and out.” Geotech have also been making the most of the mobile elements that come with InVentry: “We’ve been using the evacuation app for site safety. The health and safety officer has an iPad with the app on and staff with company phones have it too. We had our first fire drill a few weeks ago and it worked perfectly – much easier that doing it with paper.”

“We’ve also used the staff app” he adds, “It’s great if you’ve forgot your ID card, or in my case when my wife takes my car and I leave it in the door pocket. We’ve set the system so that if staff don’t have their ID card, they have to use the app rather than the system, just to encourage them to use the app more.”

Now that Geotech have had the system for several months Dean reflected on what has gone well: “It’s simple and non-intrusive. It’s an all in one system which makes it much easier to manage, you’re not having to chase 3rd party applications or hardware suppliers – InVentry do it all.”

Dean finished by saying: “It’s not easy to estimate the amount of time and hassle saved compared to more traditional paper setup. Everything is much easier to manage now and has greatly improved our user experience.”

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