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A simple, cost-effective way to manage assets in your factory

InVentry’s manufacturing inventory tracking software is designed to streamline and optimise the inventory management processes within manufacturing facilities. Our factory asset tracking software serves as a comprehensive tool for monitoring, controlling, and analysing inventory within a manufacturing setting. Our factory and warehouse asset tracking allows manufacturers to maintain real-time visibility into their inventory levels, track item movements throughout production, and generate accurate reports for decision-making.

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Types Of Manageable Manufacturing Assets

Manufacturing assets typically include a wide range of physical items and resources that are essential for the smooth functioning of producing specific products. InVentry’s manufacturing inventory management system can help manage common types of factory assets that include:

  • Plant and Machinery: This includes equipment and machinery used in the manufacturing process, such as assembly lines, CNC machines, conveyor systems, and forklifts.
  • Raw Materials: These are the materials used to create the final products, such as metals, plastics, chemicals, and textiles.
  • Work-in-Progress Inventory: Partially completed products that are in various stages of the manufacturing process.
  • Finished Goods Inventory: The final products that are ready for sale or distribution.
  • Quality Control and Testing Equipment: Assets used to ensure the quality and safety of products, such as testing machines and inspection tools.
  • Maintenance and Repair Assets: Equipment and tools used for the maintenance and repair of machinery and facilities to keep them operational.
  • Office Assets: Equipment and systems used by office staff daily, such as computers, printers and mobile phones.
InVentry office asset management system
InVentry office asset management software

Benefits of manufacturing inventory management system

A manufacturing inventory management system offers manufacturing organisations the chance to operate more efficiently. By reducing operational costs, maintaining compliance with legislation, and enabling data-driven decisions, production companies can improve productivity and resource management. InVentry’s manufacturing inventory management system offers many benefits, including:

Real-Time Visibility: Our factory and warehouse asset tracking software provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, locations, and statuses throughout the production process, and enables quick responses to changing demands and supply chain disruptions.

Reduced Manual Errors: Automation of inventory management processes reduces the risk of manual errors in data entry and calculations. This leads to improved inventory accuracy.

Cost Savings: By optimising inventory levels and reducing carrying costs, manufacturing inventory tracking software helps manufacturers minimise the need for excess inventory storage space.

Improved Production Planning: The manufacturing asset management system assists in better production planning and scheduling by providing insights into material availability and lead times.

Enhanced Decision-Making: Historical data and analytics within the factory and warehouse asset tracking software enable informed decision-making by management.

Compliance and Regulatory Reporting: The factory and warehouse asset tracking software helps manufacturers stay compliant with industry regulations.

Minimised Downtime: Predictive maintenance features help reduce unexpected equipment downtime by scheduling maintenance tasks based on usage and wear-and-tear data.

Scalability: Our manufacturing inventory tracking software is scalable, allowing manufacturers to adapt to changing business needs.

Environmental Sustainability: Using a better manufacturing inventory management system can lead to reduced waste, as it helps prevent overproduction and excess inventory disposal.


Manufacturing Inventory Tracking Software Features

InVentry’s manufacturing inventory tracking software has many features that can benefit your manufacturing-based business. Key features include:

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How our factory inventory management software works

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Scan the QR code using the manufacturing inventory tracking app to quickly add assets and locations.

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Our simple manufacturing plant and warehouse inventory tracking allows you to change assets on the go, report faults, or remove redundant assets at will.

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Use InVentry’s factory asset tracking app to produce asset management audit reports, make bulk changes and see the value of your manufacturing assets.

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