Bury Grammar School – Case Study

Roaming visitors, an outdated system and hours of wasted admin time were just a few of the challenges facing Bury Grammar School when they approached InVentry about a sign in solution.

Choosing a sign in and visitor management system with the right integrations was important to Bury Grammar School as Ben Whitaker, Head of IT, explains:

“We moved to iSAMS last summer so we wanted a solution that could integrate with our new MIS. InVentry was the only sign in system that could provide a
full read and write back integration with iSAMS.”

The integration has been a huge hit in the school says Ben:

“It works really well – students that arrive late or leave early use InVentry to sign in or out and everything is automated back to iSAMS. If a bus is running late because of traffic we can have 50-60 students who need to be signed in. This was a huge undertaking previously, but it’s now completed in minutes. Having late marks integrated with iSAMS has saved our admin staff over an hour per day doing data entry.”

It’s not just late arriving and early leaving students who are using InVentry, Bury Grammar School have also rolled the system out to sixth form students:.

“Our sixth form students have more flexibility around being onsite so they use the InVentry system to sign in and out. They have taken to it very well and love how simple it is to use. We’re planning on getting them ID cards next to make sign in even faster.”

InVentry has been an important tool for managing the schools multi-site setup explains Ben:

“We have a 25-acre site with a separate boys and girls school. This means it is hard to know where visitors have arrived and if they have left site for things like
fire drills. It was proving to be a logistical nightmare. We’ve had InVentry setup so that if a visitor signs in at one location and signs out at another site the
information is stored centrally across the school so all records are up-to-date.”

Ben finished by explaining why he has been so happy with InVentry:

“It just works, and there is very little input required from me. I don’t have to be up and down fixing problems or having tickets submitted which makes my life
so much easier.”