Ensuring the safety of staff and visitors

InVentry is the market leading safeguarding visitor management system in the UK. Our system can help streamline your venue by providing you with a modern reception area, removing outdated paper-based sign in processes and help you manage day-to-day visitors. Whether you’re a Theatre, Stadium or Hotel, you need to know who is on site at all times,  InVentry takes care of it for you.

With our system you can pre-book visitors by sending them an invitation with a QR code which allows them to sign in upon their arrival. You can also include custom questions for when they sign in which could include the likes of pre-ordering lunch items.

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Manage Visitors

Visitors can only enter the venue by signing in and being approved. Provide them with a personalised badge to ensure they’re clearly identifiable.

Manage Staff

Allow staff to sign in with a personalised ID badge. Use alongside our QuickScan Touch to capture reasons for signing out.


Simply invite a contractor on site and send them forms to fill out before they arrive on site, making their sign in process quicker and easier.


Know who is on site at any given time, giving your staff peace of mind that you’re monitoring who comes on-site throughout the day.


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Health Features

During the COVID-19 pandemic, InVentry introduced new Health Features to help you return to work safely. Find out more below.

Send staff and pre-booked visitors Health Declarations to confirm they are feeling well enough to be onsite.

Let visitors notify their host when they arrive and give the host the ability to allow them onsite when safe.

Receive notifications when capacity levels have been met, breached and back to acceptable levels.

Ability to Track and Trace

Have the ability to Track and Trace by knowing who is on site at any given time with InVentry.

How InVentry Helps Venues

When potential customers or contractors arrive on your site you should make it a memorable experience.
InVentry allows you to customise the sign in system to fit your brand and ethos.

With a stylish touchscreen and webcam designed specifically for visitor management your guests won’t be disappointed.
Pre-book visitors, provide a custom message on arrival and send out personalised email invitations.
ID badges can be personalised to reflect your brand and custom information added
like your WiFi code.
Get rid of paper based sign in books that can leave you vulnerable to data breaches and non compliance.
When a visitor arrives onsite automatically send a message via SMS or email to the person they are visiting.

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