Speed up your sign in with our powerful ScholarPack integration

ScholarPack is one of the most popular MIS’s that has been built specifically for primary schools. InVentry recognise the importance of accessing the data housed in ScholarPack as part of your signing in solution. The ability to automatically import staff and students at the start of the academic year, or even when infrequent changes and updates are made, ensures management of enrollment is a doddle.

InVentry provide full read and write integration with the ScholarPack MIS which includes:

Student details

Staff records & details

Student late marks
& codes

Staff sign in/out times

Staff attendance information

“Because InVentry integrates with our MIS we can take a snapshot at 09:30 of who is in school so we can really understand our attendance completely.”

Jane Catlidge, Head Teacher at Southfield Primary School

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