InVentry helps Oastlers School to improve their Asset Management with Audit & Compliance

The school needed a simple and accurate way of tracking on-site assets. From laptops and iPads right through to keys, the solution needed to be robust and easy to use.

Jeanine Fairbairn, Business Manager at Oastlers School said,  “Audit & Compliance has been great, it’s really easy to use! The barcodes and scanning everything into the app has been our favourite part of the software, it’s so simple but effective.” Staff at the school also added “the ability to download and use the app on iPads has been really good for us too. It’s made the process so much easier!

“the set-up of everything was so simple because of the audit service InVentry provided. The handover was extremely efficient and straightforward, and all we need to do now is add new assets coming into the school. We couldn’t be happier and would recommend the software to anyone, we couldn’t live without it now.”