The Importance of a Safeguarding System in Scotland’s Community Schools

The Project

In March this year, the Scottish Government completed their 10-year school plan, with an amazing 117 new schools built. Scotland’s Schools for the Future Programme had a clear objective to build better schools that were “well designed, well maintained, and well managed”. The objective, along with the help of local authorities, has ensured that the programme delivered efficient and effective school and community facilities which encouraged parental involvement, embraced digital technology, and developed the relationships between the school and the wider community.

The Results

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The interim Findings Report of the project found that the collaboration between students and public facilities such as libraries, cafes, and leisure space, and the integration of workplace initiatives, were the key to enriching the learner journey in schools across Scotland. The results of the project, along with the Covid-19 pandemic has sparked further interest in community focused schools.

As demonstrated in Education Scotland’s What Scotland Learned: building back better, one of the most fundamental aspect of Scotland’s future, was incorporating the community into schools.

The Importance of a Safeguarding System in Scotland’s Community Schools

With the growing popularity of schools in Scotland becoming more community-focused, it’s evident that a safeguarding system would be extremely beneficial to track who’s coming on site. With InVentry, our sign in & visitor management system can deliver practical and effective solutions for busy staff, student, and visitor environments.

As stated in Education Scotland’s Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy, the needs, interests and wellbeing of children must be put above the needs of others. Our school sign-in system has been developed with consideration to both GDPR and safeguarding, thus ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children is inevitably at the forefront of your school.

With the rise of community schools in Scotland, managing the visitors in your school can be difficult with outdated paper registration systems, but with InVentry, it can now be seamless!

Visitors are presented with a fast signing in process, and they can even self-service their way through to printing an ID badge that can be worn around your site. Visitor information is stored directly in the visitor management system and allows you to track who is on your site, accurately recording everyone entering or leaving. You can also store PVG checks in your central record and receive alerts when checks are due to be expired!

With integrations with all leading MIS systems, including SEEMiS, InVentry provides full read back integration in most local authorities, ensuring that your sign-in system is always up to date.

Scotland’s Schools for the Future Programme has been a huge success for the development of educational facilities, and community integration is proving to be effective. But it’s evident that some form of safeguarding system would be extremely beneficial to help your school maintain control over staff, pupils, and visitors.

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