Education & COVID—How InVentry Helps Create a Safer Learning Environment

As the pandemic has reshaped our working environments it’s also reshaped our schools, and forced teachers and parents to adapt to a new kind of learning space. We know that the safety of both children and staff is an essential consideration. That’s why we’ve produced this new guide that shows how InVentry products can help make schools safer, for everyone who works and learns in them.

What guidelines should schools follow?

The government has produced a comprehensive document on how schools should respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. In a nutshell they need to facilitate full-time education for all their pupils, make sure people in school maintain good hygiene (e.g. by washing hands or wearing masks) and—where possible—maximise distancing between people in school. People who show symptoms of the coronavirus should not attend school at all. These guidelines apply to all levels of education, including nurseries, primary schools and secondary schools.

While the pandemic is an ongoing health concern, children face a very low risk of becoming severely ill from COVID-19 Conversely, being out of school for extended periods risks having a significant negative effect on their future wellbeing.

How can InVentry help?

InVentry already offers several products for use in schools, at all levels of education. Many of these can be used to create a safer learning environment. Highlights include:

Pupil Management Our pupil management system allows you to keep class information up to date through a central record/database. Since keeping infected pupils out of school is essential, this system allows for highly accurate recording of who is on the school’s premises.

Visitor Management If third parties need to visit your school, our visitor management solution is a perfect choice. Upon arriving, visitors can sign in using an intuitive screen and print off their own ID badge that can then be worn around the school during their visit.

This service comes with several pandemic-friendly features. You can send pre-booked visitors health declarations, ensuring they’re healthy enough to visit. When visitors arrive they can send you a notification, allowing you to control when they enter the building. You can even tie door unlocks to email invitations for contactless sign-in.

In addition to reducing unnecessary contact, visitor management lets you accurately track who’s onsite. We keep accurate records of who enters and leaves, whilst also cutting down on paper-based visitor books.

Events If you need to hold an event like a parents’ evening, you can pre-book visitors ahead of time. This gives you a highly accurate picture of who’s attending.

Club Registration If your school offers breakfast or after-school clubs, we offer easy-to-use mobile registration for these activities. Custom clubs can be set up in a matter of minutes, and students can sign themselves in if required. The software can be used on multiple devices, and you can also access complete registers for your school in case of emergency.

Evacuation Emergencies still happen, even in the midst of a pandemic. Our InVentry Anywhere App allows staff to manage large-scale evacuations, on multiple devices, and across multiple muster points. These help to coordinate pupils and ensure their safety.

Schooling in the midst of a pandemic is stressful, and many schools have already adapted to the changes outlined by the government. By working with InVentry, however, you can help make your school environment as safe and streamlined as possible.

If you’re interested in adding Inventry’s services to your school, you can reach us via our Contact page. We are available via phone and email, and we also offer support for existing customers via our Support Portal and Live Chat features.