Let’s talk about: InVentry’s integration with Paxton!

Here at InVentry, we integrate with many of the top solutions to make sure you have the best possible system for your school or business. One of these integrations is with Paxton Door Access Control. But what does this actually mean?

Why InVentry and Paxton?

When integrating InVentry and Paxton, you get the top level of security, without the need for a security guard on the door! InVentry provides you with staff ID badges or pre-booked visitors invitations, which then joint with Paxton, means the only people with access to the building are meant to be there!

Paxton Integration 01
Paxton Gold Partnership

How does it work?

We are Gold Registered Installers of Paxton, which means that we can come along and install a full Net2 system in your building. Once this is installed, all it takes is the swipe of a card to operate the system.

Not only can you know who is on-site with InVentry, you can control what areas they have access to! With our QuickScan touches, you can allow certain staff members and visitors to have access to different parts of your building! Secure & simple.

What if I already have Paxton?

No problem at all! We can easily link InVentry up to your existing Paxton Net2 system, all we need is an engineer to come and work some magic for you!

Interested in Paxton & InVentry? Get in touch on info@inventry.co.uk or callĀ  0113 322 9253.