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InVentry specialises in helping schools and businesses manage who is on-site at any given time. Trusted by over 8,000 schools and organisations, we get the right solution for you every time.

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Fire Evacuation

In the event of a drill or fire evacuation, the InVentry Anywhere app allows you to access a real time copy of everyone who is on-site from any mobile device.

The information is pulled directly from your main InVentry system. The app can be opened on as many devices as needed, at multiple emergency muster points, and will sync in real time when connected to the internet.

You can also print receive real time evacuation reports once the event has ended. This allows you to improve your evacuation processes and ensure that you can get everyone accounted for in the quickest time possible.

InVentry Evacuation App

InVentry Features

Audit & Compliance

Audit & Compliance helps schools, colleges and businesses keep track of their assets—whether they’re laptops, mobile phones or even coffee machines. See when your warranties expire and your licenses need renewing, making missing updates a thing of the past.

Add as many users and locations as you want; with our easy-to-use app, anyone with a smart device can carry out Audit & Compliance checks. You can also use it to add new assets, report damaged equipment, and carry out health and safety compliance checks.

Audit & Compliance also offers you a solution to document storage. Keep track of all important documentation in one easy to use app!

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