InVentry 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for Resellers

1.1. The guarantee applies only to a customer who is not currently using an InVentry sign in system.

1.2. The guarantee only applies to UK based customers and installations.

1.3. The guarantee does not apply to any system purchased using a lease agreement.

1.4. It is the resellers responsibility to communicate to the customer that they are supporting the InVentry 30-day guarantee. InVentry Ltd will inform the reseller should any client who purchased a system through them wish to apply the guarantee. The reseller must act in the best interests of the InVentry Ltd company when supporting engagements with any customer for whom they engaged with on behalf of the company that is applying the guarantee.

1.5. The reseller is responsible for confirming the cancellation of the order to InVentry Ltd using

1.6. InVentry Ltd is the final arbiter of eligibility for a system refund.

1.7. Where the sale is via the reseller, all refunds to eligible customers will be processed via the reseller. The reseller is responsible for processing the refund to an eligible customer within 60 days of removal of equipment.

1.8. Any margin due to the reseller will be paid after the 30 day period has ended, providing the customer has not triggered the 30 day guarantee. Refunds will be processed in line with the existing refund procedure.