Elmsleigh Infant & Junior School –
Case Study

With their outdated paper sign in system in turmoil, Elmsleigh Infant & Nursery School were in need of a sign in system that would provide a resolution to their endless sheets of paper.

Desperate for a system that would also equip them with a safe and efficient evacuation process, Elmsleigh turned to InVentry. Student safeguarding is of upmost importance at every educational institution and therefore is at the forefront of InVentry sign in solutions.

Speaking about the system, Charlotte Hancock, the School Business Administrator, said: “It solves a few problems for us, but the big one is fire evacuation – knowing which staff are on site and the ability to have multiple staff checking students and visitors off at the same time on the evacuation app is very useful.”

This is not the only problem that InVentry has solved for Elmsleigh:

“It is especially useful if we have a sudden illness. I just look on the InVentry console to see which members of staff are on site. This is the fastest way of enabling us to see who can cover a class.”

When explaining what made Elmsleigh decide on InVentry Charlotte said: “We chose InVentry as it proved to be the most user friendly, reliable and had all the features that we needed”

Some of Charlotte’s favourite features are: “How easy it is to use and how much it speeds up staff signing in. It’s a big hit with the children too, they love seeing their names on the screen and being able to use the touchscreen. It really gives a good first impression of our school.”

Charlotte concluded by saying: “InVentry is a very useful safeguarding tool. We find it easy to use and I have no hesitation in recommending it to other schools.”