Visitor Management System for Stadiums

Ensuring the safety of staff and visitors during match and non-match days with our stadium visitor management system

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Ensuring the safety of staff and visitors

InVentry is the market-leading visitor management system within the UK. Our visitor management system for stadiums can help streamline your venue by providing you with a modern reception area, removing outdated paper-based sign-in processes and help you manage day-to-day visitors.

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Understand who is on-site throughout non-match days

On non-match days, there could still be a lot of people onsite with access to many different areas. With InVentry’s visitor management system, contractors can be pre-booked and pre-approved as well as giving them access to certain parts of the building through our Paxton Access integration. Simply invite a contractor onsite and send them forms to fill out before they arrive, making their stadium sign-in process quicker and easier.

Give staff a further sense of security knowing that visitors can only enter the stadium by signing in and being approved through InVentry’s visitor management system. When visitors arrive onsite, allow them to sign in and provide them with a personalised badge, making them easily identifiable, as well as tracking who has been onsite through your InVentry system.

How InVentry Helps Stadiums

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that customer levels may be lower than pre-pandemic levels. That’s why we have updated our visitor management software for venues to help build confidence for people entering your stadium.

Our visitor management software offers

  • Instant notifications to your smartphone when a visitor comes on-site
  • A modern feel throughout your reception area with InVentry’s slick and stylish exterior
  • Security as the highest priority, with the ability to track who is on-site at any one time without other visitors seeing this information
  • The ability to only allow certain staff members to have access to all the information on the InVentry console ensuring you comply with Data Protection legislation
  • Create customisable skins so your InVentry system goes hand in hand with the look and feel of your stadium
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We have also introduced new Health Features to help offer confidence to visitors of your stadium on both match and non-match days. These features include:

Health Declarations – Send staff and pre-booked visitors Health Declarations to confirm they are feeling well enough to be onsite

Host Ready Notifications – Let visitors notify their host when they arrive and give the host the ability to allow them onsite when safe.

Capacity Management – Receive notifications when capacity levels have been met, breached and back to acceptable levels with our visitor management for events system.

Ability to Test and Trace – Have the ability to Test and Trace by knowing who is on-site at any given time with InVentry.


InVentry creates a memorable visitor experience

InVentry’s visitor management for stadiums makes it a memorable experience for when staff, customers or contractors arrive on your site.


Visitors can only enter the stadium by signing in and being approved. Provide them with a personalised badge to ensure they’re clearly identifiable.


Allow staff to sign in with a personalised ID badge. Use alongside our QuickScan Touch to capture reasons for signing out.


Simply invite a contractor on-site and send them forms to fill out before they arrive on-site, making their sign-in process quicker and easier.


Know who is on-site at any given time, giving your staff peace of mind that you’re monitoring who comes on-site throughout the day.

Office Day

Allow staff members to book themselves into the office when they are needed on-site when offering a hybrid approach to working.

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