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A simple, cost-effective way to manage assets in your hospital or healthcare setting

InVentry’s healthcare inventory management system is an asset management solution that is employed within various healthcare institutions across the UK to efficiently monitor and control the procurement, storage, distribution, and utilisation of medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceuticals.

Our medical inventory management system aids in maintaining inventory levels, reducing wastage, ensuring timely restocking, and enhancing overall cost-effectiveness while guaranteeing that healthcare providers have access to the necessary resources to deliver quality patient care, no matter what their setting. From hospitals to doctors’ surgeries to dental practices, our medical equipment tracking system is perfect for all healthcare locations.

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Types of Healthcare Assets

Healthcare and medical assets typically include a wide range of physical items and resources that are essential for providing high-quality and effective care to patients. InVentry’s healthcare and hospital inventory management system can help manage common types of medical assets that include:

  • Medical Equipment: e.g. Diagnostic machines (e.g., X-ray and MRI scanners), treatment devices (e.g., ventilators, infusion pumps), and surgical instruments.
  • Pharmaceuticals: e.g. Drugs, vaccines, and medications used for treatment.
  • HR Assets: e.g. Doctors, nurses, specialists, and administrative staff. 
  • IT Assets: e.g. Infrastructure and physical assets like computers that support patient care and admin tasks.
  • Furniture and Fixtures: e.g. Beds, chairs, wheelchairs and lighting fixtures.
  • Vehicles: e.g. Ambulances and medical transport vehicles used for transporting patients.
  • Medical Supplies: e.g. Bandages, gloves, syringes, and gauze.
  • R&D Assets: e.g. Laboratories, lab equipment, and IP.
InVentry office asset management system
InVentry office asset management software

Benefits of using a medical inventory management system

A medical inventory management system offers hospitals and other healthcare providers the chance to operate more efficiently. By reducing operational costs, maintaining compliance with legislation, and enabling data-driven decisions, healthcare providers can enhance patient care and operational effectiveness, ultimately benefiting both healthcare providers and the patients served:

Efficient Resource Utilisation: Our healthcare asset management system helps healthcare providers optimise their use of medical supplies and equipment, reducing wastage and ensuring medical resources are available when needed.

Cost Savings: By minimising overstocking and stockouts, healthcare providers can reduce unnecessary expenditures on inventory and associated storage costs.

Enhanced Patient Care: Access to accurate and up-to-date inventory data ensures that healthcare professionals can quickly locate the necessary supplies and medications.

Reduced Errors: Automation and barcode scanning technologies reduce manual data entry errors.

Streamlined Reordering: Our hospital inventory software helps healthcare facilities restock supplies in a timely manner, preventing emergencies and shortages.

Improved Visibility: Real-time tracking of inventory levels.

Audit Trail: Maintain a record of inventory transactions, vital for auditing purposes and accountability.

Time Savings: Staff can save time that would otherwise be spent on manual tracking.

Data Analytics: Our medical equipment tracking system offers analytics that enables healthcare providers to make data-driven decisions.

Patient Safety Improvements: Our hospital inventory management software ensures that the right medications and supplies are readily available.


Healthcare and Hospital Asset Tracking System Features

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How our healthcare asset management system works

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Scan the QR code using the healthcare/hospital inventory management system app to quickly add assets and locations.

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Our simple healthcare/hospital inventory management software allows you to change assets on the go, report faults, or remove redundant assets at will.

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Use InVentry’s medical equipment tracking system app to produce asset management audit reports, make bulk changes and see the value of your medical assets.

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