Receive visitor notifications through Teams and Slack

InVentry now integrates with Microsoft Teams and Slack, and so we’ve added an extra layer to our notification process. When a visitor now signs in, along with the existing notification email that is sent from the InVentry system to the meeting organiser, you can now automatically send a message into specific Teams and Slack channels.

What does the notification include?

Our standard contractor and visitor arrival notification is sent to the host when a visitor has arrived and signed into the building. It’s a really cool feature as it’s a trigger to remind the host of the meeting that’s due to start soon and can also be set up so the notification includes a photo of the visitor. This means that if it’s the first time you’ve met, you know who to look out for when walking into reception to collect them for your meeting!

Teams Message 01 1

What does the integration with Teams and Slack entail?

It’s an add on to our existing standard visitor arrival notification. Customers will still receive this notification via email but the InVentry Console is now also able to send a message into specific Teams and Slack channels. These channels can be company wide or more selective, if required. This new feature means that visitors aren’t left waiting for someone to greet them at reception as more people are aware of their arrival. It’s also really beneficial for larger meeting with lots of people coming on site.

You can also personalise the Teams / Slack message that is sent to include the name of the visitor, their company, who they’re visiting and a time of arrival. If you’ve multiple InVentry systems across your site, you can also include information on the specific system they’ve signed in on. This feature is available to all of our customers who hold a valid maintenance license. It’s been designed to provide an additional layer to visitor arrival notifications and help businesses and schools alike to maintain a smooth sign in process and great first impression.

Top Features

Receive message to Teams or Slack when visitor arrives

Easily communicate to teammates that the visitor is on site

Personalise to include the visitors information in the notification

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