Read All About It: InVentry’s Case Studies & Testimonials

We at InVentry are proud of what we do, especially as COVID-19 has upended our workplaces. But we know that when choosing someone to work with, the word of the customer counts. Whether you need a digital signing in system or asset management software (or something else entirely), their endorsement guides your decision.

We’ve brought together some recent case studies and testimonials, letting you see our impacts first-hand. We’ve also highlighted how these case studies exemplify some of InVentry’s strongest features.

Student Safeguarding at Discovery Bay

Although we’re based in the UK, clients around the world benefit from our services. One example is Discovery Bay International School, located on Hong Kong’s Lantau Island. With three campuses and over 1,000 students (from over 40 countries) the school had significant logistical challenges. Luckily, InVentry had just the skills they needed to meet them.

School safety is always a concern, and Discovery Bay needed a way of accurately tracking students and visitors. We provided the school with a digital signing in system that lets staff and older students move safely between campuses. It also allowed the school to maintain accurate records for evacuation purposes.

Sheila Stamp, Discovery Bay’s Director of IT and Communications, said:

“InVentry has improved our visitor experience enormously. Our previous visitor registration process had been a pain-point for parents when visiting the school. Security checking of general visitors has now been streamlined and the InVentry solution also enables us to know exactly where our sixth form and secondary staff are on campus at any given time.”

When it comes to InVentry services, school size and location aren’t an issue. We’re able to meet the needs of schools well beyond the UK, addressing a range of concerns in the process.

Contractor Management at Gartnavel Hospital

Gartnavel Hospital, located in West Glasgow, was facing some logistical challenges of its own. In addition to its existing workforce of 38,000 staff members, the hospital employs many specialist contractors. While Gartnavel had a system for managing these contractors it was inefficient, relying on manual registration and paper-based resource tracking.

InVentry solved the problem by introducing a range of more intuitive systems. Gartnavel was now able to manage all contractor management system checks from a central location. It granted access only to contractors that satisfied all checks (like work permits and insurance documentation). InVentry also improved key management—another problem area for the hospital. By tying each key to a name and phone number upon sign-out, the hospital was able to track keys more effectively.

Sandra Duff, the hospital’s Estates Secretary, says:

“This was a real challenge for us before InVentry and it’s trigged such a transformation in terms of managing contractors. I can’t put into words how simple the system is to use and how dramatically it’s effected my workload. I now simply direct the contractor to the sign in screen and ask them to follow the instructions, I can then take myself away to concentrate on other tasks I need to complete.

“InVentry has really streamlined our process and helped us move away from our previous old-fashioned system for managing visitors and contractors.”

Another benefit of InVentry’s services is taking the pressure off your workforce. Automating and centralising sign-in functions saves you both time and stress, and provides a more accurate picture of what’s going on in your workplace. We also—by necessity—factor safety into our services. Since many of our clients have legitimate safety concerns, our systems help ensure you’re keeping staff, students and visitors as safe as possible.

Audit & Compliance at Oastlers School

Education is one of InVentry’s specialist areas, even if the schools we work with are all very different. Oastlers School is located in Bradford and caters for students with emotional, social and mental health difficulties. The school needed a way to track various assets, from on-site keys to laptop computers.

InVentry’s Audit & Compliance software made this asset-tracking simple and efficient. A detailed list of assets (created by an InVentry team member) gave the school a detailed picture of what they had and where it was located. Crucially the software also tracked equipment warranties, ensuring staff knew when they needed renewing.

Jeanine Fairbairn, the school’s Business Manager, had this to say:

“Audit & Compliance has been great, it’s really easy to use! The barcodes and scanning everything into the app has been our favourite part of the software, it’s so simple but effective.”

“The set-up of everything was so simple because of the audit service InVentry provided. The handover was extremely efficient and straightforward, and all we need to do now is add new assets coming into the school.”

Even if the problems our clients face are complex, we make sure that the solutions are simple ones. After the initial setup, we make sure to put the power into the hands of the end user, and create something they can use on their own. Of course, we also offer ongoing customer support if they run into any problems!

Better Sign-ins at Bury Grammar School

Even the most mundane aspects of school life can benefit from modern solutions. Bury Grammar School, in Greater Manchester, is a great example of this; the school needed a new digital signing in system that could address numerous problems. These included roaming visitors and hours of wasted admin time, both of which InVentry was able to address.

Another concern was compatibility with iSAMS, the school’s existing management information system. InVentry rose to the challenge, and provided Bury Grammar school with exactly what they were looking for. Ben Whitaker, the school’s Head of IT, said:

“We have 25-acre site with a separate boys and girls school. This means it is hard to know where visitors have arrived and if they have left site for things like fire drills. It was proving to be a logistical nightmare. We’ve had InVentry setup so that if a visitor signs in at one location and signs out at another site the information is stored centrally across the school so all records are up-to-date.”

“It just works, and there is very little input required from me. I don’t have to be up and down fixing problems or having tickets submitted which makes my life so much easier.”

Besides ease of use we strive for flexibility in the services we offer, providing supplements to existing services or wholesale replacements of unsatisfactory ones. We know each client is different, but whatever your requirements InVentry will help you find the best solution.

Happy Customers with Health Declarations

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we at InVentry have introduced a raft of services to make working life easier. One of these is our Health Declaration feature, which has been very well-received by our clients. Working in conjunction with our digital signing in system, it ensures staff can work safely.

Yvonne Whelan, from St John the Baptist Primary School, says:

“The Health Declaration feature on the InVentry system helps to give both staff and visitors peace of mind. It reminds everyone who signs in to the site of the importance of declaring if they have been experiencing any symptoms of Covid and also the importance of keeping everyone safe. The additional feature of being able to send the Health Declaration to staff by e mail is helpful as they can declare before they arrive on site.”

Whitefield Primary School’s Marie Beale had this to say:

“We have found the InVentry Health Declaration really helpful for highlighting with staff what they need to think of before attending work, and ensuring that they speak before coming to school rather than once they are in the building. Staff can complete the declaration by email at home and be in touch if need be. In the future, we also plan to use the declaration for planned visitors and it is already being used for non school staff visiting school.”

While our working practices have seen radical changes, InVentry’s services allow you to mitigate the pandemic’s worst impacts. We know that many businesses need to balance safety and productivity at the moment, and we at InVentry are ready to making that happen. Whether it’s adding a new digital signing in system or taking advantage of our COVID-19 prevention services, InVentry can help make your school or business better to work in.

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