InVentry helps TRW Systems modernise their sign in process and reception area

TRW Systems had outgrown their old-fashioned reception area which left them turning to solutions that would increase their efficiency. They had a constantly manned reception before taking the decision to go down a more virtual route.

“The comments we’ve had from people coming onsite from other plants across the globe have been brilliant.” John Cartney at TRW Systems loves the impression that InVentry gives to TRW’s visitors, but it’s not just visitors that are impressed by the system, others across the global business love it too: We’ve had a lot of compliments from other branches across the globe – they’ve never seen anything like it before”.

TRW 01

“You get a data trail on who has signed in which is time and date stamped. We can clearly see who is onsite at any time, which is useful in the case of an emergency and we have to do a fire roll call. We’ve also added our health and safety policy to the system so when a visitor comes to sign in they’ve got to read through the policy and agree to the terms – it’s a pretty slick experience all round.”