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InVentry Helps TRW Systems Modernise their reception area with an
Electronic Sign In Procedure for International Visitors, Contractors, and Staff Members.

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Based in Sunderland, TRW Systems is part of the ZF Aftermarket brand; a global leader in the world of automotive technology. Committed to making pioneering products, TRW Systems pride themselves on showing the same level of dedication and commitment to their relationships with their customers as they do their products.

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With the hope of modernising their reception area, TRW Systems were looking for hybrid solution that would enable their team to be able to step away from the reception area to focus on other tasks without leaving their welcome desk unmanned. As TRW Systems welcomes many global visitors and contractors to their site each week, it was also essential that their preferred system could ensure all on site guests were aware and had agreed to their health and safety polices.


InVentry was able to provide TRW Systems with a solution that allows their visitors and contractors to securely sign themselves into the building whilst capturing this information to give TRW Systems the ability to know who is on site at any given time.

Having the ability to enable visitors to sign into the building without requiring assistance from a member of staff was a must for the organisation. As TRW systems wanted to improve efficiency across their building by taking a virtual approach to visitor management, the ability to send host ready notifications through InVentry to staff members was a great advantage for the business.

This has meant that TRW Systems can now encourage all visitor to independently sign themselves into the building through the electronic system without needing a reception team. With the relevant staff members being notified instantly when their visitor has arrived on site, they have been able to streamline their sign in process whilst also ensuring that their guests aren’t left waiting to be seen to in the reception area – perfect for creating a professional first impression!

Ensuring the health and safety of all visitors, contactors and staff members was key for TRW Systems which is why they needed a solution that would enable them to communicate their site polices to guests from the offset. With the option to add site documents and customised questions to the sign in process through InVentry, TRW Systems now have choice to add key information such as, fire drill policies, site risk assessments and first aid procedures to their screen for visitors to read and agree to adhere to before they are able to access the building. This has been used to reinforce TRW’s existing health and safety procedures from the moment their visitors arrive on site.

TRW Testimonial
John Cartney, TRW Systems commented:
“We were looking for a way to take a more virtual approach to our reception area that would enable visitors to quickly sign in without a member of our team needed. InVentry offered the technology for us to be able to step away from our outdated reception style – it was the perfect solution.”
“Visitors sign in and the system prints a badge, it’s just so easy. When people sign in, staff receive a email notification to say that their visitor is waiting for them in reception.The system also takes an image of the visitor when they sign in and that comes through with the notification, so we can actually see who’s in reception!”
“You also get a data trail on who has signed in which is time and date stamped. We can clearly see who is onsite at any time, which is useful in the case of an emergency, and we have to do a fire roll call – it’s a pretty slick experience all round.”

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