InVentry improve contractor and visitor management for Royal Holloway University of London

Expensive, painful, unmanageable and a nightmare – just some of words used by Angela Muswell from the Royal Holloway University of London to describe their contractor management before InVentry landed: “We manage the performance of our contractors. We check what time they come in and what time they go when they sign out. We’ve actually changed contractors on the basis that they were not performing and attending site when they were supposed to be.”

Beyond measuring contractor performance, high on the list of priorities for Angela is safety and security: “For first time visitors, they sit and watch a health and safety video and we use the checks management tool on InVentry to tell us when it’s been a year since they last watched the video. We’ve also made it so that they can’t go into student residents before printing their badge off from InVentry for added security.”

The University have received great feedback from the contractors using the system, as Angela explains: “They love it, they think it’s awesome because it’s so quick. They don’t have to stand there and write a new badge each time. If we’re busy, which we often are because it’s a service desk as well, they can just sign in and get going without needing to talk to us.”

And it’s not just people that the InVentry system is being used for to sign in and out. The University have come up with a unique way of extending its capabilities: “All of our keys are set up on the system with a barcode assigned to each key. If anybody wants a key they just scan the barcode and then the system will ask them for their name and phone number so we know who has booked the key out. When its brought back, they just scan the barcode to sign in back in. Everybody loves this system as previously it was just hand written. Next we’re going to apply the same principals to the heavy duty tools used by our maintenance team.”

All this has meant that InVentry has been a huge success in the University as Angela explains: “We like that it’s all managed off site and it isn’t on our server. The involvement of our IT department has been very minimal. It has been incredibly reliable and we very rarely have to contact the InVentry service desk, and when we do the service is impeccable.” When asked her advice for other organisations considering InVentry Angela simply said: “Do it – you won’t regret it.”

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