InVentry improve site security and staff sign in for Portsmouth FC

Portsmouth FC were searching for a sign-in solution to improve staff record keeping, site security and compliance as well as freeing up time for their Stadium Manager. They were also looking for a solution that allowed them to revamp their main reception area and Security Hut in addition to, improving their greeting to perspective stakeholders, visitors and contractors.

 The company’s onsite team have also commented on InVentry’s visitor arrival notifications, one in particular stating “the sign in system has transformed the efficiency of our greeting process as we now receive notifications when our visitors have arrived, alongside a photo of the visitor, so we know exactly who we are looking for when we enter reception.” 

Image of Portsmouth FC Skin

When speaking to their Stadium Manager, she also commented on the contractor management feature of InVentry, stating “contractors are now able to review and sign our terms of working agreement on screen, before proceeding to sign in, which has been really useful. We’ve also added a custom question to their sign in process – whereby they have to confirm that they have provided their RAMS for the work they are visiting site to complete.”