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Parkstone Grammar School

InVentry helps Parkstone Grammar School steamline their sign in process
to enhance the safeguarding of staff, visitors and pupils.


Parkstone Grammar School in Dorset is an all-girls school that offers outstanding education to the students of Poole and the surrounding areas. With the school welcoming a number of visitors to their premises including governors, having an effective sign in and visitor management process in place was of upmost importance to Parkstone Grammar School.

Parkstone Grammar School Testimonial


Parkstone Grammar School needed help to improve their visitor management process and meet requirements around safeguarding within the school. When the lockdown hit, the school required a more accurate way to record staff and visitor sign in to ensure they could accurately track who was on site at any one time.


InVentry was able to provide Parkstone Grammar School with an all-in-one solution that enabled them to create a professional and seamless registration process for visitors whilst accurately tracking their onsite arrivals.

To enhance the safeguarding of their pupils, Parkstone Grammar School were looking for a way ensure that all visitors coming on to site had read and understood their school policies and procedures. With their InVentry system, the school now has the ability to present their site documents upon arrival with visitors having to read and accept the terms of their policy’s before being able to sign into the building. With each visitor receiving a printed ID Badge, Parkstone Grammar can also ensure that their visitors can be easily identified onsite.

Ensuring all staff, students and visitors could be accounted for during an emergency was also a high priority for Parkstone Grammar School. By adding a Quickscan Touch Unit to another area of their school, they were able to create another sign in point for their staff members whilst accurately tacking this data – ensuring that their data is accurate during an emergency evacuation.

The system has been a real success for Parkstone Grammar School. They have used the InVentry sign in system for nearly 3 years and have found it highly effective at meeting their needs. Due to the system being such a success, they have now started using the reporting notification feature. This allowed them to export data and check groups of personnel for evacuations which they say has been a great help.

Parkstone Grammar School
Jacquie Pearcy, office manager commented:
The system allowed us to produce an instant photo ID badge for each visitor and show them key safeguarding information whilst signing in, which enabled our visitors to have a quick sign out on departure.”
“The initial setup and training was succinct, and our reception team soon learned how to manipulate the additional features to make the sign in procedure swifter during peak times. They also quickly managed to set up regular visitors to allow them a sharper sign in experience.”.

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