InVentry helps Ossett Academy with their sign in process and GDPR compliance

Steve Thompson, Director of ICT for Accord Multi Academy Trust, wanted a consistent and stable signing in system for staff, students and visitors for all their academies. The main priorities for the Ossett Academy, in particular, were to be able to sign in staff, students and visitors, organise fire evacuations and be able to report attendance – luckily, InVentry could do it all.

Steve Thompson, Director of ICT said, “InVentry has saved us heaps of time. Before we had the system, our receptionist would be tied up signing a visitor in for around 2-3 minutes per person. Now, all they have to do is direct the visitor to the sign in screen leaving the receptionist to deal with more than one person at a time!”

Outside Ossett Academy

“I would absolutely recommend InVentry. The installation process was well thought out and planned, we’ve had no negativity around the system since it was installed, it simply just works. The support team are really helpful and every challenge our Multi Academy Trust has faced, InVentry already had a solution for.”