InVentry helps Ossett Academy with their sign in process and GDPR compliance

The Client

Ossett Academy is a High School and Sixth Form College based in West Yorkshire, part of the Accord Multi Academy Trust. The educational charity was established in 2016 and is made up of four academics who were the founding members for the trust. Accord Multi Academy Trust work to inspire all the members of their learning community to be the best that they can be. Ossett Academy is both a High School and a Sixth Form with students across all ages.

The Challenge

Steve Thompson, Director of ICT for Accord Multi Academy Trust, wanted a consistent and stable signing in system for staff, students and visitors for all their academies. With 4 academies across the trust, ranging from Primary Schools to Sixth Forms, a system that could connect the 4 sites was essential. The main priorities for the Ossett Academy, in particular, were to be able to sign in staff, students and visitors, organise fire evacuations and be able to report attendance – luckily, InVentry could do it all.

The Solution

InVentry was already in place in one of the primary schools within the trust, and they were over the moon with the quality of the hardware and the helpful and approachable support team. So, they knew it was the right solution for the full trust! For Ossett Academy, InVentry solved many problems – such as its ability to store information securely, as their previous systems were unreliable and inaccurate. InVentry has also enabled them to become fully GDPR compliant through the storage of data in one central location. Quickscan Touch units were also installed as part of their purchase, which allows staff to sign in at any entrance point – regardless of where the InVentry screen is based. This has been a great asset for Ossett Academy as it means that staff who tend to roam around the Trust can sign in and get straight on with their job.

Outside Ossett Academy
Pupils at Ossett Academy
Pupils attending Ossett Academy

Steve Thompson, Director of ICT said, “InVentry has saved us heaps of time. Before we had the system, our receptionist would be tied up signing a visitor in for around 2-3 minutes per person. Now, all they have to do is direct the visitor to the sign in screen leaving the receptionist to deal with more than one person at a time!”

More recently, the staff at Ossett Academy have felt much more at ease with having the InVentry system during the COVID-19 pandemic. Steve Thompson commented, “the risk of COVID-19 by touching pens and sign in books has been removed by having an InVentry system that offers contactless sign in for staff and visitors.”

Staff also love the fact they can now sign in with the swipe of a card and go, they don’t even have to touch the screen! The HR Team are really pleased too as they now just have one system to use. Steve Thompson also added, “I would absolutely recommend InVentry. The installation process was well thought out and planned, we’ve had no negativity around the system since it was installed, it simply just works. The support team are really helpful and every challenge our Multi Academy Trust has faced, InVentry already had a solution for.”

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