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Matrix Polymers

InVentry helps Matrix Polymers Modernise their Sign In Process
and Reception Area

Matrix Polymers

How many people walk past a paper sign in book and think ‘there is no point filling that in.’ Well that’s exactly what was becoming a daily occurrence for Matrix Polymers. Before having their InVentry sign in system, Matrix Polymers used a simple paper book to keep track of visitors coming in and out of their business: “We literally just had a visitor book that everyone used to sign in, it had a little label that you stuck inside a badge holder that visitors would just clip on”, said Kelly McDevitt, Logistic Administrator at Matrix Polymers.

The limitations and ineligibility at times of the paper system caused the business several problems: “People would forget to sign in. Because the visitor book was just on the side it meant that staff members didn’t sign in and would even forget to sign their visitors in. I could pick up the book and it was useless, I didn’t know who was in the building.” The main issue that this caused for Kelly was not knowing who exactly was onsite in the event of an evacuation. “I need to know who is here at all times. With InVentry, I know people are going to be safe, I know who’s here and I can get them off site if there’s a fire. For me, that’s the best part.”

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InVentry has massively improved efficiency for Matrix Polymers in terms of safety procedures: “We’ve used the evacuation app in several test runs and it’s brilliant.” When asked why she chose InVentry, Kelly said: “It’s something I had seen before in my children’s school and I knew it worked. We looked at a couple of different options but InVentry was the best. From the moment the system was presented to us, it was just so straightforward.” Kelly loves the impression the system gives to their visitors: “Everyone walks in says things like ‘this is posh isn’t it’, they’re always very impressed with it.”

InVentry were able to accommodate the needs of both the reception and the warehouse at Matrix Polymers: “Some staff use fobs on an InVentry Quickscan Unit when they arrive at a different entrance. The office staff use the system in reception and just tap in. It’s really useful to have staff sign in because InVentry allows me to see if they actually did turn up and what time they arrived and left for their working hours.”

Kelly has no hesitation in recommending InVentry to anyone looking for a sign in system: “Everyone feels a little bit safer knowing that they’re signed in. Even though we’ve never had a fire, touch wood, it’s just piece of mind that everyone onsite is safe. It’s like a comfort blanket, knowing that it’s there when we need it. I couldn’t recommend InVentry enough. It looks nice, it gives a good, professional impression to visitors coming in…it really is a no brainer.”

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