Manufacturing visitor management system – InVentry streamlines BASF’s sign in process

The Client

BASF supply raw materials to most industries in the UK, from agriculture to chemicals right the way through to pharmaceuticals and automotive supplies. Their first sales offices were established back in 1880 – situated in London – and have since grown into a global phenomenon, with over 122,000 employees worldwide.

The Challenge

BASF required a modern, efficient and easy to use solution to invite, register and manage visitors at their office. The system needed to also offer functionality around emergency evacuation management, on-site security and the ability to generate reports.

The chosen system would then be placed in their reception area to supplement their current offerings, as well as helping to modernise and make the right first impression to visitors. Another key element BASF had to consider when looking for a visitor management system, was its capability to fit in with their current security processes and server requirements.

Manufacturing visitor management system
The Solution

After contacting several potential suppliers, BASF decided InVentry was the obvious choice for them. Chris Skurray, Facilities Manager at BASF commented, “their personal and bespoke approach promised to deliver a solution which was both commercially competitive as well as delivering our technical requirements.” When speaking with the reception team at BASF, they also stated “InVentry has been a welcome new member of our team! The system has been great at enhancing the visitor experience and takes work away from us so we can really focus in on our day-to-day tasks.”

BASF are also utilising the emergency evacuation element of InVentry which has enabled them to streamline their processes as well as improve their evacuation reporting. Chris also went on to comment on InVentry’s event function stating “it’s so easy to use and flexible. We didn’t realise how much of a benefit this feature would be for us when managing events. It wasn’t something that was planned within our original scope of requirements, but it has proved to be a very welcome and beneficial part of the system!”.

Skurray then went on to say, “the feedback has been extremely positive from site visitors, they like the invitations which can be sent from the system and the ability to be pre-registered – particularly for our larger events. The ability to use QR codes from a mobile phone is another impressive feature, as it allows quick and hygienic sign in.” He also commented on the support available around the system, highlighting guides, videos and live chat functionality with the InVentry support team.

Chris Skurray finished with a final comment; “I cannot recommend InVentry highly enough, their ability to tailor a solution around your requirements makes the task of introducing, or upgrading, your digital sign in system as smooth as you could possibly hope for! Get in touch and see for yourself!”

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