Cams Lane Primary School

InVentry helps Cams Lane Primary School to provide an effortless and accurate
sign in experience
for staff, visitors and students whilst enhancing
their safety proceedures.


Cams Lane Primary School, based in the heart of Radcliffe provides an exceptional standard of learning for students from the age of 4 through to 11 whilst encouraging their students to build a sense of awareness of the world around them.

With the school welcoming many parents, governors, and contractors to their school each week, Cams Lane Primary School were looking for a modern and efficient way to manage their onsite visitors.

Cams Lane Primary School Testimonial


To overcome administrative and safeguarding concerns, Cams Lane Primary School required an electronic solution that could replace their paper-based registration process. The solution needed to ensure that their staff members could sign in and out of their building whilst also monitoring visitor arrivals.

Cams Lane Primary School were also looking for a system that could give them the ability to collate accurate records for students and visitors that could be easily accessed in the event of an emergency or fire evacuation.


With the safety and security of their pupils and staff members being a high priority for the school, by adding an InVentry system into their reception area, Cams Lane Primary school have been able to confidently welcome guests to their premises, knowing that all visitors and contractors have signed into the building and can be easily accounted for on site.

By ensuring that all visitors, contractors, and staff sign in and out of their building, Cams Lane Primary School have subsequently been able to improve their health and safety procedures as they can now see who has signed in or out of the building at the touch of a button. This was of the upmost importance to Cams Lane Primary School to improve safeguarding across their premises. Collating accurate information has proven to be crucial for the school espcially when triggering fire evacuation through InVentry’s Anywhere App.

Creating a consistent and streamlined process was fundamental for Cams Lane Primary school as they needed a system that could eliminate the risk of incorrect or missed information being captured during manual registration. InVentry was able to provide a solution to this problem by automating the school’s registration process, and with the added benefit of being able to pre-approve visitors and contractors, Cams Lane Primary school can ensure that their visitor records are up to date and correct before they are due to arrive on site.

With Visitors and staff members now having the ability to securely sign themselves into the building, Cams Lane Primary school have significantly reduced administrative tasks for their office team whilst ensuring that their visitors still receive a professional and personalised experience, which was incredibly important to the school.


Cams Lane Primary School
Katherine Ashworth, Business Manager commented:
“We had rafts of pens and paperwork everywhere and multiple daily occurrences of staff forgetting to sign in or out – it really was an administrative nightmare. InVentry was exactly what we needed to streamline our processes and get rid of the excessive paperwork. Our reception area look much cleaner and presentable as a result of this!”
“Our staff and visitors are always amazed at how quick and simple the system is to use the system. It’s also extremely convenient and means a lot less work for our office staff so they can focus on more important tasks.”
“InVentry has streamlined our signing in process greatly. I have not yet had a member of staff forget to sign in, so it enhances the health and safety in the school as we can see at a glance who is in and out of school.”

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