InVentry helps Calderdale Council modernise their electronic sign in process and remain GDPR compliant

For Calderdale Council the InVentry system is used to efficiently get candidates, agents and guests into the count venue on the day of an election. Before adopting this method of visitor management, a much less time friendly approach was taken to do so. Ian Gledhill explains: “People used to have to sign in, they were given a badge manually and a wristband. But now, everyone comes in, scans their barcode and the badge gets printed and they’re in and away. It’s 3 or 4 times faster than it used to be.”

With InVentry in place the risk of unwanted visitors is minimized and can be dealt with effectively. Ian explains: “Well, essentially, we already know who is invited so anyone that is not on the list is not coming in. We just use it to record that people are there. If anybody else then tries to sign in using the same credentials we’ve got a photographic record of who it is and we can find them, find out who they are and how they got in.”

Calderdale Council-01

“From the point of view of actually using the system to get people in and accounted for – it saves time and it’s just infinitely better than the system that we used previously. It also helps us to make sure people are at the right place at the right time which is brilliant!”