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InVentry enables Bericap UK to enhance on-site efficiency and professionalism,
whilst streamlining their contractor management process

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Based in the heart of Hull with over 140 employees, Bericap UK, pride themselves on being a trusted solution provider, specialising in manufacturing high-quality closures for blue-chip companies within the beverage, food, and industrial markets.

nVentry Case Study - Bericap UK


Without a dedicated reception team in place, Bericap were looking for a sign in and visitor management system that could enable contractors and visitors to sign into the building without assistance to utilise time for their team members.

As the organisation welcomes multiple visitors and contractors to their site daily, Bericap UK required a solution that would give them the ability to track working hours for billing contractors and temporary staff members, whilst being able to pull accurate evacuation records for emergency situations.


With existing knowledge of InVentry and the capabilities of the System, Bericap UK were keen to have two InVentry screens installed at their premises to streamline their sign in process for visitors and contractors. Without a reception team, Bericap’s Accounts department located at the front of the building, were often required to welcome, and assist visitors upon their arrival, taking them away from their own responsibilities. This was immediately identified as an issue that InVentry could resolve.

Contractor management was also high on the agenda for the manufacturing company when selecting a system provider. As a busy working site, Bericap needed a way to ensure that all contractors were accounted for and agreed to the company’s working policies. InVentry has revolutionised their processes as not only do all contractors now sign into site through the electronic system, but upon arrival, all contractors are required to read and sign customised agreements including health and safety protocols and company hygiene rules, before gaining access to their building.

Alongside ensuring contractors follow site protocol, this has also enabled Bericap to accurately track on-site hours of contractors for invoicing purposes. The organisation can now determine how long contractors were on-site for callouts and ensure their invoice reflects this, with data pulled from InVentry.  Paul Cooper, Quality and CI manager explained, “We get charged by the hour for our contractors so if we get an invoice that say’s they were on site for 6 hours and they have signed in and out with InVentry, we can approve the invoice based on this information. This has really helped to eliminate any discrepancies around contractor payments as we have something to refer to!”

This feature has also been greatly beneficial for tracking attendance for temporary and agency staff working across their site.

Being able to streamline operations and utilise resources was key for Bericap UK, therefore the ability to receive host ready notifications as part of their InVentry offering was a highlight for the manufacturing company. Working within a noisy environment, communication between the main entrance and the Operations team was restricted, which was an issue for the business as it meant visitors were often left waiting to be greeted by the correct staff member.

With the introduction of Host ready notifications, when a booked visitor now signs into the main InVentry system, the relevant team member is instantly notified via text, eliminating wait time for visitors, improving their experience, and increasing efficiency for Bericap UK.

InVentry Case Study - Bericap UK
Paul Cooper, Quality and CI manager commented:
“My favourite thing about the system is the outlook that it gives us for visitors. We look organised and professional whilst giving visitors a great welcome especially for those that haven’t been on-site before. Within a week of InVentry being in place, our team were over the moon that we had a system in place to greet our visitors and know exactly when they have arrived on-site.”
“Before InVentry, we used to use radios to let the team know when their visitors had arrived but with the noise of machinery, if the person wasn’t at the desk, it was an impossible task to notify them of their arrival. However, with host ready notifications, we no longer have our contractors sitting there on chargeable hours waiting to be collected by the right person.”
“InVentry provides a professional experience for visitors, but it has also helped streamline our communication as a business. Everyone has found the system easy to use and it’s made our site much more efficient.”

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