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InVentry Anywhere

InVentry at your fingertips–any place, any time.

InVentry Anywhere is the official InVentry app, available on all mobile devices. With InVentry Anywhere, members of staff can remotely sign into your establishment directly from their device, eliminating the need for them to use the Reception Console or Barcode Scanner.

InVentry Anywhere makes the whole process easier on the back office as well, with all visitors appearing on the database as if they had manually signed in, making visitor management a doddle.

The app even allows staff members to invite visitors to a future engagement, sending them an invitation email with a scannable barcode, and booking that visitor onto the system.

InVentry Anywhere is a unique and revolutionary tool for schools in the 21st century, and one that makes it simple to manage your visitors. Register for an InVentry Anywhere subscription today!

Fire Evacuation Roll Call InVentry Anywhere

This negates the need to print off a fire list as the evacuation lists can be accessed and checked off on a mobile device. This will also sync across multiple muster points.