Secondary School System

The Complete Sign In Solution for Secondary Schools

Secondary schools and sixth form colleges are busy establishments, many with thousands of students, staff members and visitors on the premises at any one time. That’s why the InVentry Visitor Management System is built around speed, practicality and simplicity. With InVentry, you will never again have to worry that your student database out of date.

Standard Features of the InVentry Secondary School System

  • Student ModuleInVentry’s Student Module has been specially designed with the exacting requirements of a secondary school in mind. Student lists can be imported from your current management information system, and staff members can easily track late students, including exact amount of minutes late, time of arrival and reason for lateness. All class information is kept up-to-date with the central database, allowing for functionality such as group tracking, enabling quick sign in/out of multiple students.
  • InVentry Reception Console with Integrated 20” Touch Screen and WebcamThis easy to use reception console allows your administration staff full access to search and print reports, as well as manage the system. The touch screen monitor makes the whole system extremely user friendly, as well as giving your reception a modern look. The webcam allows photos to be taken of visitors instantly, in order to create temporary and permanent ID cards.
  • Encrypted USB Backup DeviceAs part of the InVentry Secondary School System, you will receive a USB flash drive that automatically backs up to your school’s central database. This will ensure that you always have an up-to-date copy of all your school’s sensitive information, securely encrypted for complete security.
  • DBS Check Integration – Your Single Central RecordDBS Checks (formerly CRB Checks) can be recorded on the database to ensure all staff and visitors are properly verified before entering the premises. DBS approved visitor or staff badges can then be produced, allowing each visitor’s status to be confirmed at a glance.
  • Easy Sign InThe InVentry Reception Console has the ability to remember previous visitors, allowing returning guests to type the first few characters of their name or select their photo for simple and efficient sign in.
  • Staff Notification – Including Visitor PhotoStaff members have the ability to be notified the moment a visitor has arrived, either by text message or email.
  • Events Management ModuleSchools use InVentry because visitor management is important, and that’s exactly where we shine. For school events such as parents’ evenings or performances, InVentry allows you to pre-book visitors into the school, as well as printing barcode enabled passes to streamline arrival at the event.

InVentry’s standard features are enough to cover almost every eventuality. However, if your secondary school has more exacting requirements, we are able to accommodate these.

  • Barcode Scanner for Staff & Regular VisitorsFor staff members and regular visitors, permanent ID badges can be useful to maximise sign in efficiency. By simply sending us the photos of all intended recipients, InVentry can create high quality, customised ID cards for each person. These ID cards can then be used in conjunction with the optional barcode scanner, allowing the user to sign in with ease, even collecting additional information such as the purpose of a visit or reason for leaving.
  • Multiple Entry Point SystemsIf your school contains multiple entrances, additional reception consoles are available, which will work with the central database and update in real time. Quickscan Units are available for extra Staff only entrances.
  • Alternate Language PacksFor multiple language schools, additional language packs are available, which will fully translate all aspects of the InVentry Visitor Management System. Our Welsh-English bilingual system allows visitors to select either language before the sign in process begins.