Senior Account Manager; Steve Mills

When did you start at InVentry?

I started way back in February 2014. The past 7 years have flown by!

You’re part of the furniture now! What do you like about InVentry?

The staff and the culture really makes the company what it is. I also love a trip up to the Head Office in Leeds when I get chance!

So glad you love us! What does day to day look like in your role?

My day to day consists of a lot of remote/on-site demonstrations of InVentry to potential customers. I also make sure I’m chasing and closing sales with people who have ordered InVentry through myself. I’m also the first point of contact for many of our resellers so making sure they’re happy is one of my top priorities!

You’re a busy guy! What was your first ever job role?

I actually worked out back in a garden centre!

Our very own green fingers! Describe the team at InVentry in 3 words.

Friendly, Hard working and for the Sales Team in particular…DRUNK!

We hope that’s out of work time Steve! What is your karaoke song?

Elvis Presley – Wonder of You

We’re going to get you on karaoke ASAP! What is your go-to work lunch?

I love a Burrito, more specifically I’ll take a short trip up the M25 to Chobham Services, they do the best burritos!

Sounds delicious! What do you do in your free time?

I like to go to the gym when they’re open! I’m also a big Arsenal fan so I love going to football games too. If I’m not consumed by sports, I’m consuming 1 too many Espresso Martinis!

Sports and Booze, who’da thought it! Tell us one fact people might not know about you

Although this is specifically saved for Christmas Parties, I can do a back flip!