Meet our Product Manager; Brian Halstead

When did you start at InVentry?

Back in May 2015, we were in Unit 20 at Howley Business Park and at the time there were around 20 of us working for InVentry. It was a great time to start as it allowed me to get involved in various areas of the business and get a good overview of how things worked.

You know your stuff about InVentry that’s for sure! What is it you like about us?

The fact that no two days are the same, there’s a real team environment, and even during 2020 that feeling has been stronger than ever with everyone pulling together to help and see that everyone is doing well.

Morale is always high, even during a pandemic! What does day to day look like in your role?

Working closely with the development team to deliver new features, products and hardware to our customers. I work with organisations across the UK and further afield to the Far East. We’ve got a close-knit team who work really well on delivering the training, support and marketing of all new products and features. It’s busy and keeps us all on our toes so that we provide the best solutions to our customers.

Sounds like you’re super busy Brian! Throwback now, what was your first ever job role?

Working behind the bar in my local pub, it was a great place to learn communication and organisational skills and I made some lifelong friends both customers and colleagues when working there.

Sounds great! How would you describe the team at InVentry in 3 words?

Inspiring, Hardworking and Caring

We completely agree! What is your karaoke song?

I can’t honestly say my dulcet tones would want to be heard singing, forced into it I’d have to go with Amarillo by Tony Christie for the stereotypical Bolton anthem

We need to get that Bolton accent on the karaoke ASAP! What is your go-to work lunch?

I’d be lying if I didn’t say the occasional trip to McDonalds. Working from home has meant this isn’t something I’ve done, so losing some weight with soup being the main choice at the minute!

We do love a McDonalds from time to time! What do you do in your free time?

My wife and I have two young children and we like to get outdoors as a family as much as we can. With having a caravan, we try to spend as much time away at the weekends as we can, nothing beats a good walk in the Lakes and a change of scenery

Sounds great! Now finally, tell us one fact people might not know about you.

Despite current physical appearances, I used to be a National level swimmer, lots of early starts and weekends at galas. 200m Butterfly was my event.