Preparing for a Post-Pandemic Workplace

Preparing for a Post-Pandemic Workplace Over the last year, UK businesses have had to cope with shifting guidelines on who can go into work. While a mass vaccine rollout may offer a way out of lockdown the way we work and live has seen big changes, many of which will survive long after the pandemic [...]

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InVent…er if you dare! if you dare! We love a bit of fun as much as we do hard work here at InVentry. With Halloween looming we decided to get a bit spooky in the office by putting the scares on some unsuspecting colleagues. It [...]

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Schools get a boost with breakfast clubs

Schools get a Boost with Breakfast Clubs from the DfE The Department for Education recently announced that more than 1,170 schools will benefit from a £26 million investment to provide children in deprived areas with a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Education secretary Damian [...]

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