System for Sixth Forms

Modern schools and sixth form colleges need modern sign-in systems to maintain tight security, and efficient administration of pupils, staff and visitors. Large sixth forms, with hundreds of pupils and staff members, will find it much easier to keep track of who is and who is not onsite at any given time with a sophisticated solution such as the InVentry Visitor Management System. Our system ensures that your student database is up to date at all times and makes the managing of visitors to your school a simple task.

Student Module

Swapping from an older system is simplicity itself as existing student lists can be imported directly into this module. Detailed student attendance records, including time of arrival, number of minutes late if applicable and reason for lateness can be stored in the central database, making disciplinary procedures much easier to implement. Because the information that is stored can also be grouped by class, bulk sign-ins are a breeze: teachers can sign in entire classes with the press of a button, saving valuable time without compromising on the integrity of the data in the student database.

Sixth Form College Module

A special feature of the InVentry Visitor Management system for schools is the advanced sixth form module, which is designed to take account of the fact that sixth formers often have greater freedom than those in lower years and may therefore be entering and exiting school premises more frequently. You can make sure that you know exactly which members of your sixth form are onsite at any given time with this specially designed module. It can also be customised for session registration in SIMS.

Reception Console

Your sixth form entrance can be equipped with a state-of-the-art reception console, featuring a touch screen monitor and high resolution webcam, making it easy to keep track of visitors and verify their identities. In addition to this, our reception consoles boast full report and search functionality, and can be linked to printers to enable on-the-spot issuance of temporary or permanent ID cards.

Encrypted Backups via USB

To ensure that system failure never results in a loss of data, we provide a USB drive to which your database will automatically be backed up on a regular basis. The drive is encrypted so in the unlikely event it fell into the wrong hands, your data would be safe.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks

All DBS checks can be logged in the central InVentry database, enabling you to verify the status of all personnel and visitors in an instant.

Rapid Sign In

Because our reception consoles are designed to remember details of people who have previously visited your school, repeat visitors need only type the first few letters of their name or choose their ID photo when they sign in on subsequent visits.

Notification of Arrival

Members of staff can be texted or emailed automatically from the InVentry system when their visitors sign in.

Event Management

A custom module designed to make managing events a simple matter will really help when parents’ evening or the next school dance comes around again. With the ability to pre-book visitors and print passes with barcodes that can be read at reception consoles, setting up security for special events is a breeze and long queues will be a thing of the past.

Whilst the standard features of our modular system can be tailored to meet the needs of almost any educational establishment in the country, we can also provide solutions that meet even more stringent security and administration standards if required.

Barcode Readers

As mentioned above, it is possible to integrate barcode scanning technology into the InVentry Visitor Management System, which can be used to read barcodes on both permanent and temporary ID badges. Send us photographs for all the staff members and visitors you would like to issue with such ID and we can manufacture quality identification cards incorporating a barcode for each one.

Multiple Entrances

Whether you have a single point of entry to your sixth form or multiple points, the InVentry system can be tailored to meet your needs perfectly. Additional reception consoles can be installed at all points of entry, with Quickscan units for entrances that are only used by members of staff.

Language Packs

We have a range of language packs available for schools that may use more than one language on a regular basis. These packs are simple to install and will translate every part of our system to the language of your choice.